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Bringing the best out of social

Friday 04th August 2017 | Tagged as: social media, Tom Platt, social

Author: Tom Platt

If there’s one thing that’s clear from the rise of the ‘digital age’, it’s that social media has become an enormous force in the marketing world (though you probably already knew that!). There is more pressure than ever on brands to find the next best thing to catch the eye – social media being key in this regard. So with this in mind, how can companies be sure they’re making the most of their communications strategy?

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Can digital media have a positive impact on young voters?

Tuesday 06th June 2017 | Tagged as: social media, Imogen Woods, General election

Author: Imogen Woods

According to The Guardian, about 43% of 18-24 year olds are expected to vote in this year’s general election, with an expected turnout of 75% of over 65s. So why aren’t the younger generation more likely to vote? The general consensus amongst young people is that they aren’t voting either because they “can’t be bothered” or simply they don’t know the facts to make an informed voting decision.

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A crash landing for crisis comms

Thursday 01st June 2017 | Tagged as: social media, Communications, Steph Hieatt

Author: Steph Hails

With huge disruption to flights at Heathrow and Gatwick during the recent British Airways computer outage, many passengers found themselves sleeping on the floor of the airport, unsure what was happening or when their flights would leave. With the terminals in chaos and thousands of passengers completely stranded, a storm was brewing over on social media, with everyone asking the same thing: what was going on?

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Cards vs social media

Wednesday 10th August 2016 | Tagged as: social media, Print, Lucy Williams, Cards

Author: Lucy Williams

Ok, I admit it. The world of social media is incredible. It has opened up possibilities many of us could have only dreamed of, however, even this now ubiquitous method of communications does have its pitfalls.

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You’ve got a friend in me – the implacable rise of Facebook’s social sphere of influence

Wednesday 11th May 2016 | Tagged as: social media, Michael Grass, Facebook

Author: Michael Grass

I remember having a conversation with Dad sometime in 2010 about Facebook. My father, a seasoned Communications Manager, dismissed the social site as “a fad that will struggle to find a place in business”, before signing off with what can only be described with the benefit of hindsight as an ironic statement: “trust me, it won’t last”.

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