White Papers

Below you will find a selection of white papers, demonstrating our thinking on a range of communications topics.

Integrated Media Relations

Traditionally, a company’s main objective in undertaking a ‘PR’ programme has been to obtain credible editorial coverage in print and online publications that influence their stakeholders. In today’s multichannel marketing environment however, media relations has become far more complex and editorial coverage is just one element of the communication mix. Media outlets can be an excellent vehicle for branded communications when this is planned alongside ‘conventional’ and social media relations in an integrated marketing campaign.

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PR and SEO

Today it’s not enough to simply have a website. You need to know that people will find it when they look for solutions or services like yours. The richer and more credible your online presence, the higher your website will be ranked by search engines. And with 90% of UK web journeys beginning with a Google search, a good search ranking is vitally important to attracting business.

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Owned Media

People are happy to engage in-depth with branded content, just as long as it is valuable and relevant to them. It’s not surprising then that content marketing is becoming increasingly popular in the business-to-business marketing sphere. The key to making content marketing effective lies in the quality of the content. Customers are interested in content that is going to help them improve their business in some way, so if your brand can deliver that, you have a real opportunity to build customer engagement.


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Social Media

No longer just a ‘hot topic’ in business-to-business marketing, social media is rapidly becoming a vital element of the communications mix. Depending on what your objectives are, social media can be used to communicate news, build corporate and spokesperson profiles, demonstrate thought leadership, build relationships and engagement with customers, conduct market research and more.


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A company blog gives businesses and brands a flexible and cost-effective platform to share information and engage customers. This not only gives you a means to publish your own educational, informative or thought leadership content, but also gives site visitors a reason to return to your website again and again. Moreover, blogs can improve your website’s search rankings, something that is vital for ensuring that potential customers are aware of your products and services before they even need them.

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Maximising Exhibition ROI

Despite the controversy that has surrounded some of the industry’s leading exhibitions over the past few years, there are many show opportunities in a calendar year that are still on the budget plans for companies large and small. With so much budget and time committed to your presence at a show, don’t overlook the critical role of communications in maximising your return on marketing investment.

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