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Our senior management team discusses the components of compelling B2B stories.

Our story so far

Read about our specialist sectors and networks of influence in this series of short downloadables.

Our story so far in print

Find out how we led the charge for the digital print revolution, how we’re joining the dots for digital workflows and how we opened the gate for ecommerce.

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Our story so far in packaging

Find out how we flexed flexo’s muscle, how we unpacked the arguments for digital print and how we’ve championed customisation.

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Our story so far in wide format

Find out how we’ve championed inkjet, how we’ve made a splash for ink and media innovation and how we’re pushing the button on automation.

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What is AD2020?

A good story, even in B2B, has five key ingredients – characters, setting, plot, conflict and resolution.

But to make audiences care, to provoke a response, a story needs to be consistent, believable and compelling.

The best storytellers don’t just weave a narrative with words and pictures. They live and breathe it.

They’re invested in the characters and their motivations. They commit time to understand the contexts and background. They’re immersed in the relationships, the interactions and the events that shape the story.

We’ve lived through the dramatic stories of print, packaging and visual communications for 35 years.

We know the characters – the buyers, the suppliers, the influencers – and what drives them. We understand the setting – where these industries are today and how they’re impacted by wider trends. And we grasp the plot. We’ve witnessed the commercial and technological conflicts that have shaped these industries, and seen many of them come to resolution.

But even then, we sometimes encounter plot twists. Things don’t always go to plan.  Conflict can occur and we can be faced with brand new challenges, or even crises.

At times like this, strong storytelling is more crucial than ever. Authentic business narratives must adapt to deal with the obstacles that arise along the way, including those that are outside our control.

Sometimes, chapters will even need rewriting. Our approach may need to change, but the characters’ core values won’t. Our tone and pace may need adapting, but we can remain focused on resolution and a positive ending.

Business is about change, and we are always evolving as an agency. We’ve built on our long heritage in media relations, advertising and content marketing to become a fully integrated B2B communications partner.

AD2020 is about brand storytelling in a new decade, through the highs and lows. It’s about how we combine the industry and communications experience of the past, with knowledge of the present to shape the business narratives of the future.

Take a look around. If you like what you see…


Keeping the story alive

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