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To #ad, or not to #ad…

Thursday 09th November 2017 | Tagged as: social media, Adverts, Tom Platt

Author: Tom Platt

Those of you following the news recently may have seen the story about reality TV star Marnie Simpson reportedly breaking the advertisement rules on Snapchat. The 25-year-old social media influencer has fallen foul of the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA) rules against hidden advertising on social media.

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Listen up – audio is the new black

Tuesday 24th October 2017 | Tagged as: Print, Michael Grass, Audiobooks

Author: Michael Grass

Boy, what a difference four years make. It only feels like yesterday that I was blogging away on my keyboard about how my status as an avid book lover and closet Luddite had recently been threatened by the purchase of a Kindle Fire, only for me to realise by the end of said blog that it was indeed possible to have a deep appreciation for both digital and print media.

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Taking the p*ss: customer service fails in a digital age

Tuesday 17th October 2017 | Tagged as: Digital Media, Customer Service, Daniel Porter

Author: Dan Porter

When Andrew Wilkinson, 39, of south-west London, boarded a flight from Heathrow to Cape Town back in July, he probably didn’t expect that in a few short weeks his name would be appearing in all the British tabloids, American news outlets such as the New York Post and USA Today and other media from Turkey to South Africa and from Hong Kong to New Zealand.

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B2B video will never be as engaging as B2C – right?

Thursday 28th September 2017 | Tagged as: B2B, Video, Alexa Mills

Author: Alexa Mills

There’s no doubt that video is one of the most powerful ways to engage an audience. However, despite a general awareness of this in the B2B space, I often hear comments such as, ‘The products/services we sell aren’t exciting enough for video’ or ‘Our products are part of a wider technology so you couldn’t see them on camera’ or ‘There’s just nothing sexy about what we sell’.

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Read a Book Day

Tuesday 05th September 2017 | Tagged as: Books, reading, Ellie Bunce

Author: Ellie Martin

Improved memory and concentration, reduced stress and a developed vocabulary are all said to be benefits of reading regularly. When was the last time you read a book?

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