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Industry reacts as Mr President refers to print as ‘Pointless waste’

Author: Lucy O'Dea

Call me cynical, but I was rather bemused to read that having just attacked the printing of the US Federal Register as “a stack of expensive doorstops” and “stupid spending” that “doesn’t benefit anybody”, President Obama, the leader of the free world had also launched his ‘Obama for America 2012’ re-election website, offering a host of campaign paraphernalia for purchase, and dare I say printed paraphernalia at that!


Food for thought…

Author: AD Communications

May was the month of interpack – the triennial gathering in Düsseldorf of the worldwide packaging community. The organisers declared the show one of the most successful events in the 53-year history of the world’s most important trade fair for the packaging sector and related processing industries, with 2,700 exhibitors from 60 nations completely filling the 19 halls of the Düsseldorf fairground.


Goodbye plastic bags, welcome marketing opportunity!

Author: AD Communications

In 2011 one of Italy’s resolutions is to ban plastic bags: According to the national environmental association Legambiente, Italians have been wasting 20 billionplastic bags per year, which is more than 300 per person. The association estimates that the ban will save 180,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.


What do exhibitions and London buses have in common?

Author: AD Communications

Exhibitions are like London buses...but more frequent. If you were to ask a PR team, at any time, if anyone was preparing for an exhibition then the answer would undoubtedly be yes. However there seems to be a couple of times each year in which every single person finds themselves knee deep in press packs.


Northprint: Back in business...

Author: Lucy O'Dea

As I walked the halls of the Harrogate International Centre the day before the opening of Northprint  2011, I couldn’t help thinking how it never  fails to surprise me how such organised chaos of the final preparations all come together in time to ensure the exhibition looks so perfect  when the doors open to the public.   And, who would have thought during that final set up day that within just half an hour of those doors opening, the first sale of the day would have been secured.  Talking to the exhibitors who made the sale, they too were rather taken aback at the speed of their first order.  But it just goes to show, be ready and never underestimate the attention you should give to those first through the door.


Long Live Princess Catherine, Long Live Print!

Author: AD Communications

The fact that fashion weekly Grazia delayed its print deadline in order to produce an ‘insightful, authoritative and exciting issue’ covering the Royal Wedding, and that Hello! brought forward its publication to the 1st May, has made me think about the position print occupied during and directly following the Royal Wedding.


Happy Easter (unless you're in packaging, that is!)

Author: AD Communications

It’s that time of year again – spring sunshine, a host of golden daffodils, gambolling lambs and the annual assault on the packaging industry as Easter eggs fill the shelves.

It’s that time of year again – spring sunshine, a host of golden daffodils, gambolling lambs and the annual assault on the packaging industry as Easter eggs fill the shelves.

Having been involved with ‘the packaging industry’ for over 20 years, it’s hard not to sigh at this recurring debate about the affront to our environment that is the overpackaging of Easter eggs.

It’s a yearly reminder of our ambivalent attitude to product packaging: on the one hand, we deplore unnecessary layers of packaging in the interests of the environment, on the other, there can be very few of us who don’t take pleasure in a beautifully-packaged fragrance, or indeed, Easter egg. For luxury goods and gifts, packaging is part of the appeal: a brown paper bag simply doesn’t cut it.

More seriously, though, the debate overshadows the practical contribution that packaging makes to all our lives: without modern packaging, we’d need to shop for food far more frequently and many of the medicines that we rely on would simply not exist.

This year’s report from Jo Swinson MP does acknowledge the progress the confectionery industry is making in reducing the volume of packaging but we need to acknowledge it’s a shared responsibility – if we didn’t buy them, they wouldn’t make them.  The packaging industry as a whole is make great strides in reducing waste and improving recyclability, surely worthy of a pat on the back.

So go on, Easter comes but once a year. Indulge yourself with an egg … and make sure you recycle the packaging!

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