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Paws for thought

Anyone who spends any time around boys aged 5 to 45 will have experienced the power of the merchandising behemoth that is the Star Wars franchise. But I was still surprised to witness its full impact on my junior Jedi Knight In Training on Saturday. Passing through our local shopping mecca the JJKIT stopped to share tips on light sabre combat with a life-size Stormtrooper. This fascinating exchange took place in a shop that would not normally be dignified with a second glance.


Behind the curtain

Author: AD Communications

I have seen them many times, just saying “hello” or providing me with a press pack before entering a press conference. They sometimes phoned me putting forward ideas or content for the magazines that I managed, or chased me to organise one to one meetings with some of their clients. Of course, at times the content was not quite appropriate for my readers or the interviewee not so talkative. But, we invariably succeeded in honestly evaluating if something was really suitable to my specific needs.


Keeping a sense of proportion about the economic gloom...

Author: Greg Mills

‘A colleague received a letter at the office from his 16 year old daughter, who was away at school. He found this rather strange as his daughter had never previously sent him a letter and also because she’d sent it to his office rather than to their home.  On opening the letter he understood why - his daughter didn’t want her mother to know the news: she’d been expelled from school for using drugs, she was now living with her dealer, and what’s more, she was pregnant by the guy!  Distraught, my colleague passed me the letter to read for myself and I noticed there was a tiny ’PTO’ at the bottom of the page. ‘Did you see the “PTO” ‘? I asked him, passing back the letter. ‘No,’ he answered, and then continued to read: ‘Dad, I want you to know that not a word of what I’ve written on the first page is true – I just want you to be able to keep a sense of proportion if I don’t do well in my GCSEs!’


‘Frenching’ it up at Emballage

Author: AD Communications

I’ve just returned from a busy two days at Emballage and am looking at the packaging industry with renewed interest...


The Royal Engagement - A £billion boost to the economy ..........and Print

Author: Lucy O'Dea

So the royal engagement is official. Prince William and Kate Middleton have named the date, picked the venue, and whether you’re a royalist or not, reports of the royal wedding offering a billion pound boost to the UK economy can only be a good thing.  And this can only be positive news for the printing industry as the engagement supplements, magazine specials and souvenirs start to reach the retail shelves.....


B2B Social Media, what are we waiting for?

Author: Joanna Muggeridge

Unfortunately – or fortunately – depending on how you look at it, I’m not part of ‘Generation Y’. So I haven’t grown up with social media as just a natural by-product of being. Even so, ever since the early days of being able to connect via the web, I’ve always been interested....

B2B Social Media, what are we waiting for?


Adapt or Die!

That was the rally cry on a slide of one of the presenters, Jeff Hayzlett, at the annual BAPC (British Association for Print and Communication) Conference last Saturday in Waltham Abbey, Essex.  Perhaps a bit extreme in its language, but its underlying message was a common thread to most of the conference presentations – that printers need to change the way they do business, become visual communications businesses, use digital technology to expand the services they offer, and adopt - or at least consider - social media to extend their reach.  Jeff, the ‘Chuck Norris of marketing’ (according to an unnamed German blogger) and ex-CMO of Eastman Kodak (though, from the content of his presentation and opening video, you might well have thought that he still held the position!) was, as ever, larger than life, and gave a very entertaining, high octane presentation, essentially a summary of his book, ‘The Mirror Test’.  Very engaging stuff and he did a great job of promoting Kodak’s cameras (!), but of less relevance, I thought, to the B2B audience of printers.


Man is a social animal but...

Author: AD Communications

I’ve just spent two days at Media Pro, a stimulating event that took place in London, and my brain has been bombarded by information overload regarding communication, marketing, strategies, new ways to increase brand awareness and discover revenue streams.

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