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Product placements – why context is key

Author: Louise Watson

This year I’ve again been sticking to my yearly tradition of watching The X Factor in the run-up to Christmas. If you’ve been following it too, chances are you will have noticed the glaringly obvious product placements. If however you haven’t been staying in every Saturday and Sunday night to watch it, let me explain - the lines the contestants deliver about a whole variety of brands, from airlines to mobile phone networks and even printers, are so blatant and frequent that they lack any subtlety whatsoever! Every time a brand is namedropped on the programme, I cringe at how unnatural and uncomfortable the contestants look using the product name in their everyday conversations.


Paper v digital advertising

Author: Lucy O'Dea

Working in the communications industry, we all acknowledge the benefits of online media and the opportunities it offers for the distribution and dissemination of information. However, it can be frustrating when all the attention turns to digital to the detriment of paper-based communication.


What is wrong with native advertising?

Author: Patrick Anderson

I know why the majority of people are against ‘native advertising’, the latest buzzword for publishing an advert online in such a way that enables it to masquerade as authentic editorial content. And that word is Bono. You know, that Irish venture capitalist, businessman and philanthropist who sometimes delivers the occasional decent tune (‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ is, no matter whatever anyone says, an absolute banger). However, despite my appreciation for the odd U2 song, his latest stunt has gone too damn far.


Why is native advertising so popular?

Author: Michael Grass

Ok, let me start by saying that, from an editorial standpoint, I am fully aware of the ethically dubious nature of native advertising. There is a 16 year old student activist inside of me that is vigorously against corporate influence in the media, battles for editorial independence and is ready to pounce on the first journalist that sells out to the capitalist machine. So surely the notion of publications camouflaging adverts as articles should be enough to make me want to slip on a balaclava and march on Fleet Street armed with a megaphone?


Decay or display?

Author: Shireen Shurmer

Out and about in our Great Metropolis this weekend, I was struck by the limited use we Brits make of free vertical ‘real estate’ for advertising, promotion or pure aesthetic purposes. Our major cities are full of blank spaces which, used creatively, could meaningfully enhance our grey, urban environment.


Where is advertising heading?

Author: Cerys Traylor

Since seeing so many new technologies when I visited FESPA Digital 2014 in May, there has been one that has really stood out in my mind. One exhibitor was displaying a new POS display, which can determine your gender (although it did think I was a man at first - awkward!), your approximate age (young adult – yay!), the duration you looked at the display as well as judging how interested your face appeared.

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