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What Makes Us Tick?

We’re industry specialists with a passion for excellent marketing and communication and a deep interest in the sectors we’re active in. Read our blog to find out what makes us tick.



Can hard copy, digital and audio books cohabit harmoniously in the evolving world of publishing? Here we share our findings from the Frankfurt Book Fair.  


Why use a blog in B2B marketing communications?

Author: Patrick Anderson

Once the internet plaything of angst-ridden teens with a prehistoric grasp of web-design and basic HTML (including yours truly), many major companies and corporations now have a blog in some form or other. And who can blame them?


What we learnt from our blog in 2014

Author: Patrick Anderson

We’re now mid-way through January 2015, and Christmas already seems like a distant booze and cheese-sodden memory. Well, at least in the eyes of this author. However before we completely close the book on last year, we thought it pertinent – as AD Communication’s first blog of the year – to reflect on a few takeaways from our blog’s performance last year. To paraphrase science fiction writer, Robert Heinlein, “a B2B communications agency who ignores its blog history has no past — and no future.” Or something like that.


Blog eat blog world – the rapid rise of the blog

Author: Patrick Anderson

A lot has happened since the conception of the AD blog, and having just passed our third ‘blog’ birthday at the end of November, it seemed like the perfect time to take a closer look at the rapid ascendancy of blog publishing as an effective content marketing platform.


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