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“If it looks good on the shelf, I’ll look good too” – why luxury packaging is on the rise in the food and beverage industry

Wednesday 05th October 2016 | Tagged as: Luxury Packaging, Food packaging, Beverage packaging

Author: Rianna Julian

Luxury packaging is becoming a force to be reckoned with. As consumerism continues to be taken over by health crazes and a need to ‘look good’, there is continued huge potential in the food and beverage sector to invest in luxury packaging. I for one am guilty of buying a Fortnum and Mason loose tea set, over your regular box of 80 teabags, purely on the basis that the packaging was prettier… I didn’t even think twice about the price.


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Go on, eat up!

Wednesday 25th June 2014 | Tagged as: Packaging, Food packaging

Author: AD Communications

Does every last crumb of food in your household get eaten?  Do you recycle your vegetable peelings and scraps of food that the dog, or the urban foxes, won’t eat?

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