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The Freelance Connection

Wednesday 05th April 2017 | Tagged as: Journalism, Tom Platt, Freelance

Author: Tom Platt

From being made redundant due to the squeeze of trade media, or deciding to take on the freelance world for greater flexibility or even to explore new avenues, today’s trade journalist must make sure they always have the security of being a key writer in their relevant field.

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Behind the curtain

Tuesday 07th December 2010 | Tagged as: Journalism, PR, AD Communications

Author: AD Communications

I have seen them many times, just saying “hello” or providing me with a press pack before entering a press conference. They sometimes phoned me putting forward ideas or content for the magazines that I managed, or chased me to organise one to one meetings with some of their clients. Of course, at times the content was not quite appropriate for my readers or the interviewee not so talkative. But, we invariably succeeded in honestly evaluating if something was really suitable to my specific needs.

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