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Are PR stunts still a safe marketing tactic?

Author: Michael Grass

Had you been wandering down the Southbank on the sunny morning of May 16th this year, you may have noticed a giant green figure looming over the assorted dinghies and tourist boats docked on the river Thames. And while the movie geek in me would’ve loved to see headlines announcing Godzilla’s arrival to our UK shores, it was actually a statue of the PG Tips monkey (him from the Johnny Vegas ads) made out of 110,486 plastic leaves. As it turns out, the chimp’s merry trip down the stream was a PR stunt that aimed to raise awareness of a then soon to be released ‘green paper' report by PG tips which promoted its green tea project.


The force is strong with this Star Wars cross channel marketing campaign

Author: Michael Grass

Unless you’ve been living under a crash-landed Star Destroyer for the past 12 months, you may be aware there is a new Star Wars film coming out. But of course you know that. Ever since the teaser trailer debuted online over a year ago, it was obvious the film studios were not going to allow you to ignore the imminent release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the seventh chapter in the ridiculously lucrative saga.


AD Communications – we’re busy building business brands

Author: Paul Spiers

Today, we’re very pleased to be unveiling the next step in the ongoing evolution of AD Communications: our brand new website. The unveiling of the new site – still at - is the first in a series of initiatives we intend to roll out over the coming months, all focused on making the industries we serve more aware of the depth and range of services we offer and how we work with clients to help make their brands the best they can be.


What we learnt from our blog in 2014

Author: Patrick Anderson

We’re now mid-way through January 2015, and Christmas already seems like a distant booze and cheese-sodden memory. Well, at least in the eyes of this author. However before we completely close the book on last year, we thought it pertinent – as AD Communication’s first blog of the year – to reflect on a few takeaways from our blog’s performance last year. To paraphrase science fiction writer, Robert Heinlein, “a B2B communications agency who ignores its blog history has no past — and no future.” Or something like that.


Wearing your heart on your wrist

Author: AD Communications

Apparently you can get wearables for pets. No, I’m not talking about tutus for dogs and raincoats for cats. I’m talking about wearable technology, a phenomenon set to cement itself in our daily lives (and perhaps our dogs’ lives too).

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