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Time to take a closer look at digital technology for direct-to-container printing?

Wednesday 16th November 2016 | Tagged as: Printing, Greg Mills, Digital technology

Author: Greg Mills

At the last Direct Container Print (DCP) conference in Dusseldorf last November, Douglas Hutt of SABMiller, who was participating in a panel discussion about direct-to-container printing, commented: “Digital (printing) won’t replace any of the analogue packaging formats; it will just complement it.” Although he did go on to say that it will provide “different, better… more efficient… more effective ways to manage your brand...” and may not be as far off the mark as Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, who remarked in 1943 that there would be “a world market for maybe five computers", the continuous evolution of digital technology, even in direct to container printing, is likely to prove Mr Hutt wrong.

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3D printing at drupa 2016

Wednesday 04th May 2016 | Tagged as: Printing, Greg Mills, 3D Printing, drupa 2016

Author: Greg Mills

Although for me the word “game-changing” generally falls into the same category of overused words as “unique” and “strategic”, a look at the impact that 3D printing is already having and could yet have suggests that game-changing really could be an appropriate adjective to use to describe this technology.  Although more accurately called “additive manufacturing”, the adoption of 3D printing is picking up pace (almost 133,000 3D printers were shipped worldwide in 2014, 68 % up on 2013) and we’re starting to see regular stories about how the technology is being used for a huge variety of purposes – from bra sizing to road-ready cars to pharmaceutical drugs to prosthetic feet for ducks and hoofs for horses.

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FESPA has opened it doors!

Thursday 23rd April 2015 | Tagged as: Wide Format, FESPA, Printing

Author: Helen Tolino

FESPA 2015's doors opened today, an exhibition that - in the language of FESPA marketing campaign - promises to help printers and print buyers discover their ‘universe(s) of print’. Looking at the sheer diversity of brands, technologies and applications on show in Cologne, I challenge anyone not to be excited, stimulated or motivated by them.  

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3D printing, what’s all the fuss?

Wednesday 06th March 2013 | Tagged as: 3D, Printing

Author: AD Communications

3D printing is making headlines on a daily basis across many industries; from medical scientists creating a replacement ear using a 3D printer and injections of living cells, to a musician 3D printing his very own 'Stradivarius' Violin made up of 3D printed instruments. It is this exciting new technology and innovation that seems to be driving the future of print. Well, it is certainly getting people talking about it!

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