Brett Martin targets sign & display sector through Europoint partnership

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Brett Martin targets sign & display sector through Europoint partnership

Release date: Tuesday 24th November 2015

Brett Martin, a leading manufacturer of specialist plastic products, today announces a new partnership with Europoint for the distribution of its Marpet-g FS PETg and Marpet-a FS aPET substrates to printers and fabricators. The PETg and aPET material options are new additions to the Brett Martin range and part of its ongoing investment in product innovation and development.

“With the continued growth of the signage market, this partnership represents an exciting new opportunity for both companies,” says Nick Hughes, Sales Manager at Brett Martin. “We’re thrilled to have the commitment and support of a wide format substrate supplier such as Europoint. Thanks to this new deal, we now have full technical and sales support for our Marpet-g FS PETg and Marpet-a FS aPET sheets throughout the UK.”

Frank Moran, Managing Director at Europoint, also comments: “We have found a highly reputable partner in Brett Martin, a well-established UK manufacturer that has been trading for over fifty years. Starting immediately, the company’s comprehensive range of ‘A’ and ‘G’ product variants will be available through Europoint’s services.”

Marpet-g FS is a clear transparent PETg sheet available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 0.8mm to 12mm. As an amorphous co-polyester that will not crystallize, the sheet can go through heating and vacuum forming processes without the risk of whitening or cracking. Furthermore, it does not require pre-drying, which cuts down on both time and costs for thermoformers.

The sheet’s wide window of processing capabilities (it can be easily laser-cut, die-punched, edged, digitally printed and screen-printed) allows for the realisation of complex shapes and designs, making it ideal for sign, display and store fixture applications, such as illuminated signs, POS equipment, graphics arts, poster covers and light boxes.

Marpet-a FS aPET is a range of high optical grade amorphous polyester sheets, combining exceptional quality, transparency, impact strength, chemical resistance and fire performance. Whilst the sheets can be thermoformed and line bent within a controlled temperature range, Marpet-a FS is the ideal material for flat and cold bending applications.

Available in thicknesses of 0.8mm to 4mm, Marpet-a FS aPET is suitable for POP purchase displays, shop fittings, price tags, cold food storage and hinged applications, as well as light boxes and poster covers.

Nick concludes: “Thanks to these latest additions to our portfolio, we’re looking forward to further establishing Brett Martin’s brand equity in the UK sign & display market. With the help of Europoint’s industry connections and expertise, we are confident we will be able to successfully fulfil this goal.”



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