The Optron “no-fly zone” – a new solution to the insect repellent

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The Optron “no-fly zone” – a new solution to the insect repellent

Release date: Tuesday 19th May 2015

Optron, the latest addition to Lintec’s Wincos range of window films, is an inventive new approach to repelling insects in environments where hygiene is paramount.

A patented product, Optron is a pressure-sensitive film that can be applied to both interior and exterior window surfaces. The film is designed to block the specific wavelengths of light that are visible to insects, therefore preventing their attraction to the glass surface. Lintec promises insect-repellent rates up to 80%, depending on which of nine Optron films is specified.

Optron is the ideal non-invasive, non-maintenance solution for food manufacturing and processing plants, pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals, retail stores — anywhere that hygiene and sanitary protection are vital.

Available in seven versions for use inside and two for use outside, the film has other significant benefits. Aside from improving shatterproof qualities, Optron minimises the risk of skin damage thanks to its ability to block 99% of UV rays and reduces fading or discolouration of interior furnishings. The Optron GM version also blocks electromagnetic signals for enhanced privacy.

Andy Voss, Managing Director of Lintec Graphic Films, concludes: “Like all Wincos architectural films, Optron is non-PVC and cleanroom-manufactured to an exceptional standard. Lintec is committed to providing innovative solutions and we are confident that this new product will be a valuable addition to our wide range of high quality films.”



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