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Print on the Brain

Latest issue of Print Power magazine, published today, looks at the remarkable neurological benefits of reading in print

Release date: Thursday 01st June 2017

The 13th issue of the highly regarded Print Power magazine reinforces its credentials as the essential guide to exploring the latest news, events and trends in the media world; delivering a unique insight into the effectiveness of print media. In addition to the fascinating cover story mentioned above, this issue addresses topics such as Fake News, measuring ROI on print campaigns and the attitudes of millennials to print.

First published in 2011, Print Power magazine has established itself as a must-read for media and marketing professionals throughout Europe. Produced in 10 different languages and distributed through 11 European countries, the magazine uses news, case studies, exclusive interviews and inspirational examples of print campaigns to demonstrate the pivotal role of print media in today’s rapidly changing media landscape.

Martyn Eustace, Managing Director of Print Power Europe says: “There is no doubt, Print Power continues to support the industry with extensive evidence that print still retains a real power to influence, build brands and engage its audience. We are starting to see a counter trend as attitudes about the choice of media are changing. There is a real opportunity for print to show that it can deliver incredible impact when it is used at the heart of multi-channel campaigns.”

“We want to deliver inspirational and creative ideas to our key target audience,” continues Eustace. “Our network of editors around Europe ensures the magazine features exceptional examples of print media campaigns from multiple markets and local brands.”

Over 60,000 copies of this latest edition of the Print Power magazine are being delivered to marketing and media professionals throughout Europe.

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