Printeriors ‘Print Hotel’ opens in Amsterdam from 8-11 March

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Printeriors ‘Print Hotel’ opens in Amsterdam from 8-11 March

New concept event showcases print’s potential to revolutionise interior design

Release date: Friday 11th December 2015

Imagine a hotel decorated entirely with print, from reception areas, to bars and restaurants, guest rooms and bathrooms, meeting and retail spaces. That’s the concept behind the new Printeriors ‘Print Hotel’ showcase event for interior designers and architects, coming to the RAI Amsterdam from 8-11 March 2016.

With a visit to the ‘Print Hotel’, interior designers will experience a unique showcase that aims to excite, inspire and engage. The hotel will feature decorated walls, floors, glazed and mirrored surfaces, fixtures, furniture, carpets, decorative textiles and accessories, all produced using the latest decorative printing techniques.

The ‘Print Hotel’ concept has been developed incorporating key trend colours from the Spring/Summer 2016 colour palette to create a unified aesthetic across 16 individual room sets, each being delivered by a different print service provider. The event gives visiting designers the chance to explore a living mood board, showing them how they can work with digital print to bring their designs to life quickly and cost-effectively for a wide spectrum of interior spaces, both commercial and personal.

The latest digital printing technology is capable of printing direct onto a range of materials including wood, glass, concrete, ceramic and textile. Stunning decorative effects can also be achieved using coloured and textured or printed vinyls, which can be applied to virtually any three-dimensional surface.

Printeriors director Roz McGuinness explains: “Digital print gives today’s designers and architects a revolutionary toolkit, enabling them to realise their creative visions in innovative, flexible and more sustainable ways. It empowers designers to produce interior concepts that are truly unique, incorporating images or design elements that are individual to a particular client or space, but without the excessive costs associated with some conventional decorative processes. For every type of space, decorating with digital print enables designers to respond to clients’ growing appetite for designs to be refreshed more frequently, in line with evolving tastes or even to reflect seasonal changes.”

Visitors wanting to learn more about printed interiors can also reserve a place at the one-day Printeriors Conference on Thursday 10th March to hear from expert speakers - including an interior design editor and several successful designers and specialist producers - about the exciting role print has to play in contemporary interiors.

“Print is creating a quiet revolution in interior design, but many designers and architects have yet to discover its full potential to help them produce high impact designs at lower cost, reduce timescales for time-sensitive design projects, and embrace personalisation”, says Roz McGuinness. “With a visit to the Printeriors ‘Print Hotel’, supported by insights from the Printeriors Conference, designers will discover ideas and techniques that could radically change the way they approach every brief.”

For more information and to gain free entry to Printeriors you can register at and use promotional code APOZ0702.



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