TechNiche Europe to unveil innovative climate control apparel at A+A 2015

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TechNiche Europe to unveil innovative climate control apparel at A+A 2015

Release date: Thursday 20th August 2015

TechNiche Europe, a leading supplier of climate control solutions aimed at worker welfare, will launch a host of cooling garments at A+A 2015, the international trade fair for safety, security and health at work (27-29 October 2015, Messe Düsseldorf). The company’s stand proposition will focus on safeguarding the health of employees who operate in extreme temperatures and are susceptible to heat stress, in particular, as a result.

Visitors to the TechNiche Europe stand (Hall 11 E17) will discover a comprehensive range of hygienic industrial clothing solutions based on cutting-edge cooling technologies, widely recognised as the best quality and value fabrics on the market. All products have been verified by stringent tests that put end-user safety and comfort at the forefront of the design, and have a broad client base that includes global brands from MSA and Schuberth to BMW and Bouygues.

On stand: Key technologies

  • HyperKewl: The ultimate cooling fabric that absorbs and then slowly releases water through evaporation, and in doing so, protects the wearer against heat stress. The HyperKewl vest is a lightweight yet highly durable, low cost system that provides uniform cooling, is easy to use and can be re-used up to 120 times. To activate, the product is simply soaked in water for 1-2 minutes and then drained of excess water whereby it provides a cooling effect – between 10-12˚F - to wearers for 5-10 hours depending on the environment. Other products available in the range include neck wraps and head wear.
  • TechKewl: A ‘Phase Change Material’ (PCM) system, these cooling packs – made from non-toxic carbon based liquid that freezes at 14°c – are inserted into specially designed TechKewlTM pockets within a vest, remaining cool for 3-5 hours. Another lightweight system – it’s 30% lighter than traditional ice vest systems – these cool packs are ideal for enclosed environments where hazmat suits or heavy protective gear are required.

Also to be showcased on the stand include Hybrid products that combine the evaporative properties of HyperKewl technology and phase change cooling attributes of the TechKewl, and a host of other cooling products.

Key benefits of climate control apparel

  • Help keep workers more comfortable during work periods between breaks.
  • Help reduce work errors with better focus on tasks.
  • Help reduce fatigue during work periods.
  • Help keep blood at skin level cooler.
  • An added preventative measure to reduce heat stress for workers exposed to high heat conditions.

Our extensive portfolio of cooling solutions put employee safety first,” explains James Russell, Managing Director, TechNiche Europe, Australia and New Zealand. “We have exclusive access to the most superior worker welfare science in the industry, supported by our fastidious research into the market, and that is reflected in the effectiveness and popularity of our products. Our distributor network is rapidly expanding and we’re keen to identify new partners across the globe.”

“Given the nature of our solutions, A+A’s core themes on safety, security and health make it the perfect platform for TechNiche Europe to demonstrate our cooling products at an industry event for the very first time,” continues Russell. “Visitors to our stand will be able to experience the products and their effects first hand, as well as gain access to our company experts who will be able to highlight the many benefits of partnering with TechNiche Europe.”

The TechNiche products can be found on Stand E17 in Hall 11 at the A+ A exhibition.



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