Innovation and integration offers print a positive future says industry experts

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Innovation and integration offers print a positive future says industry experts

Two Sides/Print Power Seminar hailed a success by delegates as a bright future for print provides the focus for the day

Release date: Wednesday 19th November 2014

Release date; 19th November, London UK

Delegates attending the annual Two Sides & Print Power Autumn seminar heard from a series of industry-leading experts how innovative applications are giving print a renewed lease of life, re-affirming print’s position as a powerful medium within the communications mix, which can stimulate response rates and return on investment.

Hosted in association with the Stationers' Livery Company within the historic surroundings of Stationers Hall, the venue played testament to the longevity of print and provided a fitting environment to learn about its future role. The Seminar highlighted reasons for optimism for print and centred on the creative applications of integrating print into multi-channel campaigns. In addition, the unique tactile strengths of paper and its ability to cut through the increasingly congested digital world, demonstrates once again, that print still has a bright future.

Highlights from the seminar:

  • Research from Kantar Media shows that overall media readership (print & digital) has increased by 6%, dispelling the myth that young people in particular, are not interested in what’s going on in the world. Evidence from the research also showed that consumers have a greater trust and confidence in printed media, while newspaper readers tend to come from higher income brackets, making the printed page an attractive channel for brands and advertisers.
  • Evidence presented to delegates showed that people spend 90% more time looking at a printed newspaper than an online edition.
  • The Economist is read on a scale of 40:1 in the printed magazine versus its digital version. For The Economist, print is still its natural medium and ticks all the boxes in terms of the values for its printed magazine - to be keepable, timeless and personal.
  • The growth of digital media cannot be ignored. 51% of households owned a tablet in 2013 with 28% of 3-4 year olds having used an iPad. However, the seminar highlighted reasons for optimism for print where innovation, like augmented reality, helps to find print an integrated role within the new multi-media world.

The feedback from attendees on the value of the day was extremely positive:

  • “Diverse ideas from different sources providing real inspiration.” Walter Pauly, Chairman, AIAC & Owner of W. Paul
  • “Highly intellectually stimulating.” Robert Mannix, Sales Director G.F. Smith Ltd.
  • “The speakers were no longer grasping at straws of hope, but could genuinely see a positive future. Some exciting examples of how print and paper fit with the marketing communications industry.” Tim Drake, Chief Executive Officer, Print and Paper Think Tank
  • “Glimpses into how paper and digital worlds can add value to each other. Engaging Speakers from a diversity of backgrounds gave good insights into different perspectives, addressing print industry challenges and opportunities.” Sarah Deal, Delfort Group

A consolidated summary of the day and speaker presentations from the event are now available.

Next year’s Two Sides and Print Power seminar will be held on Tuesday 3rd November 2015. To register interest, or reserve a place now, email

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