B2B storytelling

Our senior management team discusses the components of compelling B2B stories.

Our story so far

Read about our specialist sectors and networks of influence in this series of short downloadables.

Our story so far in print

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Our story so far in packaging

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Our story so far in wide format

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Our story


Our story is the story of the ongoing digital disruption and transformation of print, packaging and visual communication, and the diverse vertical markets linked to these sectors.

Across five decades, we’ve worked with the technology brands that have helped these industries to embrace new business models and opportunities.

We’re at the heart of the commercial and technological trends that shape these markets and we’re connected to the people and events that influence change.

Blending deep, specialist sector knowledge with the best storytelling skills, we engage B2B audiences across digital and traditional communications platforms.

We devise closely integrated campaigns that help brands tell their stories consistently and effectively, wherever they connect with customers and prospects.

If you’re looking for a communications agency that really understands you and your customers, get in touch and…


Keeping the story alive

Our senior directors paint a picture of the communications landscape today and what will influence it in the future.

Telling clients' stories

AD clients share their views on how we have helped to shape their brand stories.