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Owned Media

Planning and producing stand-out written and visual content for your own communications platforms.

An overview of the guide

The great thing about owned media channels is that, as a brand owner, you are in complete control. You can be prescriptive over exact messaging, tone, timing and placement. You can also adapt and repurpose content to work across multichannel marketing campaigns.

However, as owned content isn’t independently curated, and will therefore be naturally biased to your brand, it’s important to consider that customers may be less trusting of it.

This means finding a balance between promoting your products and services and using your owned channels – from websites and blogs, to e-bulletins and sales collateral – as an opportunity to build credibility.

This guide explores the opportunities to maximise the value of owned channels by inspiring potential customers, demonstrating authority in your specialist area and, importantly, encouraging potential customers to find and engage with your content.

Owned Media


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