Capturing high quality video testimonials 3,000 miles away

Video testimonials from happy customers are a powerful sales tool for any brand, but sometimes location can be a challenge.

So, when the customer was in Boston, the client was in Texas and the video producer and editor were in London, we needed to get creative.

During the pandemic we pivoted our live video shoots to what we named ‘remote capture’, to continue providing clients with great quality video when global lockdowns were in place. We knew that recorded video conferencing calls just wouldn’t cut it, and the need for video content was greater than ever.

The set-up was straightforward – an iPhone, a lavelier microphone (sent via Amazon direct to the customer), a tripod, a laptop and a Zoom call – and with some careful direction and a tech savvy customer, the result was as near to us being in the room with the customer as you could possibly get.

AD Communications’ creative thinking during the pandemic enabled us to find an efficient, cost effective way to create video testimonials. The videos they produced were so well received by our internal teams, customers and even prospects, that we now work with them to create all our video testimonials from customers around the world.

Elni Van Rensburg. Global PR & Communications Manager. Miraclon

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