Creating easy-to-digest infographics from dense reports

Although reports are often packed with insightful, research-based data and knowledge, the reality is, they often take a long time to read – and they’re text-heavy.

When Sonoco published a pioneering white paper, we suggested that the information could be broken down into bitesize chunks and presented as a visually appealing, easily digestible infographic – grabbing the attention of the audience and drawing their attention to the key takeaway messages.

We took the challenge out of the client’s hands.

After a few quick discussions about the design and imagery, we produced the infographic which was then hosted on the Sonoco website, as well as being shared on social media and in printed trade magazines as part of an advertising campaign. It was subsequently localised in multiple languages to extend the reach of the content.

Best of all, readers were still able to appreciate the depth and detail of the original white paper because the infographic was positioned as a beautiful yet succinct ‘teaser’ directing people to the wider report.

With its integrated offering, AD Communications is always able to cater to our specific marketing and communications requirements, and ensure that our packaging insights are effectively conveyed to our target audience. With their expertise in leveraging powerful marketing tools like infographics, AD helps us create visually appealing and easily understandable content that resonates with our customers. Their understanding of our marketing goals and strategies makes them an invaluable partner in our efforts to connect with our audience and drive business growth.

Lasa Mohamad. European Marketing and Communications Manager. Sonoco Consumer Products

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