Establishing industry credibility with white papers

When entering a new market – establishing credibility is key. A white paper can demonstrate a massive depth of subject knowledge, making it a very powerful tool for communicating seriousness in engaging with a new market.

With the market for EV battery manufacturing growing rapidly in Europe and America – Meech wanted to communicate both that it understood this market – and how its proven, established static control technology could benefit it.

AD Communications researched, wrote and designed a comprehensive white paper looking in detail at the problems of contamination in battery cell production – both in terms of waste through product rejection and the more serious issue of safety.

The paper became a valuable asset for directing advertising and social media content towards.

Meech has worked with AD Communications for a number of years and over that time AD Communications has always gone to great lengths to understand our business and the markets we work in. This puts them in the best position to offer us the best advice and service.

Iain Cameron, Marketing Director, Meech

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