Guide and infographic to take action on sustainability

Communicating sustainability credentials in a comms landscape saturated with brands merely paying lip service to the topic, Sun Chemical sought to take action and offer packaging producers practical advice on how they can hit their sustainability goals – both with Sun Chemical products and by adapting production processes.

Our approach was to enhance and re-shape existing content, changing the focus from ‘why’ Sun Chemical is doing what it’s doing, to a customer-facing message of ‘why that matters to you’ and ‘how you can effect change’.

We produced a 12-page sustainability entitled, ‘How to grow your packaging production sustainably’, along with an infographic that visually distilled the content of the guide. A complementary slide deck was also developed as a top-level overview of the guide to use as a sales enablement tool. A social visual carrying the CTA to download the guide was also produced for social platforms

The guide and Infographic are a perfect way to highlight our approach to Sustainability by creating visuals that can help steer discussions with customers and prospects. The concepts created by AD are terrific examples of how they work with clients to create compelling content to drive business forward.

Heather Buchholz, Manager, Global Marketing. Sun Chemical

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