Media training for new technology introductions

With an entirely new range of wide format printers to introduce to the market – Fujifilm faced not just the challenge of communicating the benefits of the machines themselves, but also the message that this new range was not just an upgrade on what had gone before. Rather, it was the result of a dramatic shift in strategy to give Fujifilm more control over the design and manufacture of its products – and therefore more flexibility and adaptability in responding to customer demand.

Communicating this message clearly to the media was critical, so AD ran an in-person training workshop for Fujifilm’s key spokespeople, focused on media and stakeholder engagement.

This workshop included practical advice and examples of how to engage the media and stay on message – as providing the opportunity to put these learnings into practice.

From this workshop we also created a comprehensive Q&A, and from this, a shorter messaging document for broader internal distribution, to ensure that all Fujifilm representatives were communicating the same core messages.

It was clear we needed AD’s help, not just for the development of our messaging, and for the press releases, and the media relations they do for us as standard, but also to train us in how to talk to the media ourselves – something none of my team had a huge amount of experience with.

Kevin Jenner, European Marketing Manager, Fujifilm Wide Format Inkjet Systems.

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