Powerful advertising campaigns to clearly communicate your message

At AD Communications, we understand the power of advertising as part of an integrated communications plan – using our experience and market knowledge to ensure our clients’ campaigns are successful.

We recognise the crucial need for campaigns to be well-planned, well-targeted and run long enough to leave a mark on the audience.

We work closely with clients to get maximum value from their available budgets, as well as maximum impact from commercial campaigns.

Sun Chemical – the world’s largest producer of printing inks and pigments – is one such client who trusts us to deliver strong, Europe-wide advertising campaigns. These include a full mix of print and digital ads – as well as promotional e-shots, webinars and advertorial and sponsorship opportunities, across multiple territories, and in multiple languages.

This commercial strategy forms a vital part of the broader communications mix, and is complemented by proactive media outreach to secure ongoing positive editorial coverage.

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