Spotlighting a press release with video

Press releases featuring quotes from enthusiastic customers, who praise a product or service, deserve more promotion than simply sitting in the lines of a Word document shared with the media.

To get more eyes on the story and really make an impact, we helped Sonoco to distil the sentiment of a customer success announcement with a major brand into a piece of punchy social video content that directed to the news.

The 50-second motion graphic video combined high-energy footage, bold typography, and strong customer quotes. Importantly, it promoted Sonoco and its customer equally, with strong branding and a positive environmental message that underlined the success of the partnership.

The result was a video that was as engaging as it was informative and the views on the associated press release were proof that getting creative with a message is well worth the effort.

AD helps us to share our customer stories in different formats and across multiple channels. The creativity of the AD team, and their in-depth industry knowledge has added value to our campaigns and I’m excited to continue this partnership.

Lasa Mohamad. European Marketing and Communications Manager. Sonoco

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