Strategy and creatives for new software launch

Canon was set to launch a new software making pre-production simpler and quicker for smaller print producers. By removing manual processes, the product would free up time for businesses to manage existing customer relationships and win new work.

The marketing challenge was that smaller businesses often perceive automation to be complex, expensive and unattainable.

We created messaging, visuals and marketing assets to counter this perception and demonstrate the accessibility and simplicity of automation. We personified the software as ‘Jamie’,  a ‘virtual pre-production assistant’ – helping the target audience to understand that the product would serve as an invisible extra pair of hands that would take care of repetitive tasks and reduce manual errors.

A full suite of assets included internal training decks and external sales and marketing materials, including video, leaflets and social media content.

The AD Communications Team had previously worked with Canon on previous PRISMA software launches and leverage that experience and expertise to help transform a value proposition for largely intangible cloud based software into a solution with a strong identity and simple, compelling central marketing message, which ideally suited the positioning of this entry level software tool. Working with AD Comms we created a strong suite of marketing and sales enablement tools which has helped us to effectively introduce this software through our marketing and sales organisation across Europe.

Antony White, EMEA Production Print Marketing Lead, Canon Europe.

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