Using video as a direct marketing tool

In the absence of face-to-face events, Fujifilm took a virtual stand at Asia CanTech, an exhibition for can makers in the Asia-Pacific Region, to introduce a technology that could, legitimately, open doors in short-run, customised metal decoration.

The proposition was compelling, but getting eyes on Fujifilm’s digital stand was a challenge. We needed to take it directly to the inboxes of a niche audience and make them take notice.

So, we produced a piece-to-camera video, featuring a Fujifilm subject matter expert, that gave a flavour of what Fujifilm would be exhibiting at the show. It included the offer of an exclusive region-specific publication about how inkjet technology will revolutionise canmaking, featuring local customer success stories and commentary from industry thought-leaders.

The html email alone, featuring the video as the focal point, led to discussions with prospects even before the show went live online.

Driving highly specific traffic to a virtual event is not something we had ever done pre-Covid. AD helped us put together a really engaging, carefully structured campaign which perfectly captured the message we wanted to communicate and led to some very useful commercial discussions with prospects before, during and after the event.

Kevin Jenner. European Marketing Manager. Fujifilm

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