Making your mark at major exhibitions

We know that face-to-face interaction and a chance to see products first-hand at exhibitions and events are key sales points for businesses.

However, there’s no doubt that it can be a challenge for smaller exhibitiors to achieve share of voice at major technology events. Even at niche events, you could easily be fighting for attention with several hundred other companies.

So, a proactive strategy and a well-constructed integrated communications plan is needed to help you maximise your visibility across all channels pre-, during- and post-event.

From our years of experience within the industry working on exhibitions for clients, we’ve compiled our five top tips to ensure your brand message is heard:
• Take all opportunities
• Share preview information early
• Nurture press relationships
• Develop charismatic spokespeople
• Think visual

Read about these in more detail by downloading your free guide here.


It can be challenging for small exhibitors to achieve share of voice at major technology events. This guide offers five tips to ensure that your brand message is heard.

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