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Print and interior design: Decorating with ink

Author: Shireen Shurmer 

Wide format print in the interior décor sector is becoming big business. Driven by constant advances in printhead technology, inks, substrates and materials, inkjet has begun to capture the imagination of all those serving the sector. Designers, architects and specifiers are all opening their minds to the huge possibilities that wide format print can offer this exciting market, pushing the creative boundaries to produce truly innovative applications in the process. 


Why use a blog in B2B marketing communications?

Author: Patrick Anderson

Once the internet plaything of angst-ridden teens with a prehistoric grasp of web-design and basic HTML (including yours truly), many major companies and corporations now have a blog in some form or other. And who can blame them?


FESPA has opened it doors!

Author: Helen Tolino

FESPA 2015’s doors opened today, an exhibition that – in the language of FESPA marketing campaign – promises to help printers and print buyers discover their ‘universe(s) of print’. Looking at the sheer diversity of brands, technologies and applications on show in Cologne, I challenge anyone not to be excited, stimulated or motivated by them.  


It’s getting personal – the growth of personalisation

Author: Elinor Bunce

Recently I received a somewhat unconventional type of personalised gift in the form of printed marshmallows. Upon opening the present, I could see my face, and others, spread across these tasty looking sweet treats. While I was slightly alarmed about biting the heads of my friends, or seeing them melt away into my hot chocolate, it got me thinking about just how far the personalised printed gifts industry has grown. 


What are Meerkat and Periscope?

Author: Patrick Anderson

True to its name, Meerkat – the live-streaming video app – seemed to pop up out of nowhere. But with social media apps coming and going like X Factor winners (“Hello Matt Cardle, Goodbye Matt Cardle!”), does Meerkat have the legs to go the distance?


Direct Marketing: Amazon, you’re doing it right

Author: Michael Grass

So there I was, using my time productively on a Saturday morning (watching telly) when I heard the familiar noise of my mail being aggressively shoved through the letterbox. I eventually shuffled over to the door and browsed through a host of familiar materials: postcard, bank statements, missed delivery cards… until I came across a leaflet from Amazon Prime.


What does Big Data mean for B2B marketing in 2015?

Author: Patrick Anderson

“Without big data, you are blind and deaf in the middle of a freeway,” proclaims Geoffrey Moore, an American management consultant and theorist. Big words. But what does ‘Big Data’ mean for B2B marketing?


A brief history of PR with Edward Bernays

Author: Michael Grass

This week marks the 20th anniversary of Edward Bernays’ death, a man often referred to as “the father of public relations”. If you’ve never heard of him, don’t worry – Bernays himself would be the first to argue that a PR practitioner should be inconspicuous.  


Is digital communication really that environmentally friendly?

Author: Lucy O’Dea

In the digital world, we’re constantly receiving advice from ‘the experts’ telling us to use social platforms and mobile media to communicate with our customers. Online platforms allow for super-fast, direct communication, and is a proven method of disseminating information quickly and efficiently. 


Should brands use text messages for transactional communication with customers?

Author: Alexa Mills

It was Friday night and I was at home just about to pour myself a much deserved glass of wine. Dinner was simmering away and I could finally switch off for the weekend. Suddenly I received a text from my energy company asking for me to call them regarding an outstanding bill. It was the third time they had texted me that week. In my view, there are a few critical customer communication issues here.


Why direct mail is making a comeback

Author: Lucy O’Dea

Ever felt overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of emails, texts, tweets and digital alerts? Gone are the days when our doormats were flooded by the daily delivery of unsolicited direct mail. And while that comes as a relief to some, the shift towards digital communication is now taking over the mantle.  


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