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A crash landing for crisis comms

Thursday 01st June 2017 | Tagged as: social media, Communications, Steph Hieatt

Author: Steph Hails

With huge disruption to flights at Heathrow and Gatwick during the recent British Airways computer outage, many passengers found themselves sleeping on the floor of the airport, unsure what was happening or when their flights would leave. With the terminals in chaos and thousands of passengers completely stranded, a storm was brewing over on social media, with everyone asking the same thing: what was going on?

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There be media dragons! What characters from Game of Thrones could have really done with a PR agency?

Wednesday 06th May 2015 | Tagged as: PR, Communications, Game of Thrones

Author: Cerys Traylor

1)      Joffrey Lannister. Let’s start with the character we all love to hate. Despised throughout his kingdom, Joffrey’s biggest PR fail was beheading the father of his betrothed, Sansa Stark, and it only went downhill from there. Joffrey could have really done with a few in-depth interviews in relevant publications, such as PrinceWeek, or The Winterfell Daily.

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Showing 0 to 6 of 8 articles.

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