Brightly, a Siemens Company, Announces Launch of “Assets. United.” Campaign Targeting Local Authorities

Brightly, a Siemens Company, is excited to announce the launch of “Assets. United.”

What: Brightly, a Siemens Company, is excited to announce the launch of “Assets. United.” This is an innovative campaign designed to address the pressing challenges faced by local authorities in managing deteriorating assets, with shrinking budgets and resources. The campaign underscores the interconnectivity of assets and the importance of taking an efficient, joined-up, and proactive approach to asset management.

When: Beginning 6th February 2024

Where: People can learn more here. Where they can find a free 12-page multimedia guide with links to further articles, informative videos, and customer testimonials.

Why: “Assets. United.” emerges as a response to the crucial question facing local authorities today: How can they manage community expectations with shrinking budgets, rapidly deteriorating assets, and ambitious net zero goals? This campaign introduces a unified approach to asset management, simplifying complex processes, maximising resources, reducing costs, and offering real-time insights for proactive, long-term community benefit.

Campaign Highlights:

  • Unified system: “Assets. United.” explains the tangible benefits of a single comprehensive system to manage a diverse range of assets, reducing complexity and costs.
  • Informed decision-making: The campaign emphasises the importance of understanding how multiple different assets classes affect each other, enabling local authorities to make informed decisions.
  • Resource optimisation: Aiming to help local authorities reduce costs, maximise resources, and foster thriving communities through effective asset management.
  • Target audience: Specifically tailored for local authorities, the campaign features testimonials from councils already benefiting from this approach, and aims to create awareness and provide practical solutions for the challenges they face in asset management.
  • Expected outcomes: Brightly aims to equip local authorities with the tools and knowledge to effectively manage their assets, ensuring sustainable community growth and financial efficiency.
  • Additional resources: The campaign includes a downloadable multimedia guide that provides in-depth information, strategies for asset management and customer testimonials.

For more information about “Assets. United.” and Brightly’s innovative solutions for local authorities, visit Assets. United.