Meech launches Hyperion 650QAC Ionising Bar for Electronics Market

Meech International, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of static control and web cleaning solutions, has today launched the 650QAC ionising bar.

Meech International, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of static control and web cleaning solutions, has today launched the 650QAC ionising bar. Available as part of Meech’s existing Hyperion range, the 650QAC, combats electrostatic discharge on electronics production lines and includes a number of unique features not available elsewhere on the market.

Production lines in the electronics industry, particularly those for flat panel screen products, are high risk environments for electrostatic discharge due to the build-up of static during the assembly process. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can destroy sensitive electronic components or cause damage that may not become evident for weeks or months later. Products that don’t pass quality checks are often marked for immediate disposal, while latent defects, identified later in the product’s life, can cause deterioration in performance. Without reliable static control measures in place, electronics manufacturers risk incurring increased costs, due to avoidable product failure, while also suffering consumer dissatisfaction and a damaged reputation.

Meech’s 650QAC is a highly effective ioniser, designed for the electronics manufacturing industry. Due to its ability to ionise down to a residual voltage of less than (+/-) 35 volts within seconds, it is able to maintain excellent performance on busy, high speed production lines.

To optimise performance, the bar also has the unique ability to enable bar mounting distance presets via the 650QAC integrated keypad. Further adjustments can be made to settings if necessary, offering users peace of mind that the bar is optimised for the application, therefore reducing staff downtime and saving time and costs. These innovative features set it apart from alternative products on the market.

Additionally, an ‘Air Boost’ feature extends the range of ionisation up to 400mm, while TICC (Total Ion Current Control) enables the voltage to a remain at a low level for up to days at a time. This means that less downtime is needed by factory staff to clean the bar.

The bar will also soon have an added benefit of being compatible with Meech’s SmartControl Touch, which allows users to monitor, control and adjust the performance of multiple connected Hyperion ionising bars and sensors via an integrated touch-screen or remotely via a mobile phone, tablet, or remote desktop. The ionising equipment’s performance is easily tracked by SmartControl Touch, which uses Meech’s Ion Current Monitoring Technology to monitor the ionising performance. This feature is being integrated by Meech’s engineering team, and will be available soon.

Ian Atkinson, Director, International Business Development, Meech International comments: “This launch marks an incredibly exciting time for Meech as we increase our presence within the electronics market, where static control is imperative. Meech has decades of expertise in static control and we’re delighted to be bringing the benefits of that experience to enhance the productivity and profitability of manufacturers in this important market.”