Meech to demonstrate static control and web cleaning expertise at ICE Europe 2023

At ICE Europe 2023, Meech International (Hall A6 Stand 330) will be presenting its latest technological developments to support smooth production in the converting industry.

At ICE Europe 2023, Meech International (Hall A6 Stand 330) will be presenting its latest technological developments to support smooth production in the converting industry. It’s well-established static control and web cleaning products will be on display, as well as two of its newer web cleaners – the CyClean-RTM and RoClean-CTM.

“We’re delighted that ICE Europe to be back at ICE Europe again,” says Ralph Simon, Sales Director at Meech International. “The event is crucial to Meech – allowing us to demonstrate our static control and web cleaning solutions to a sector beset by contamination and static charge-related issues.”

An enhanced version of Meech’s original CyClean, CyClean-R comes as a single or double-sided non-contact web cleaner that utilises positive and negative airflows to clean low-tension webs. It delivers consistent removal of dry, unbonded contamination from the web surface (particle removal to 0.5 micron is achievable) and is ideal for wider webs where lower tensions are commonplace. Compact and capable of handling high speed webs while using low levels of air consumption, the CyClean-R has Meech’s 924IPS installed as a part of the system.

“CyClean-R possesses all the qualities of our original CyClean,” continues Simon. “It has a compact design, making it suitable for use in tight spaces and can be used on narrow webs of up to 700mm.”

RoClean-C is the latest contact web cleaner from Meech, delivering excellent surface cleaning results for the battery film manufacturing industry as well as other applications demanding exceptional cleaning standards. Utilising brush rollers, RoClean-C is positioned above or below a guide roller on the web production line, so it avoids all issues of tension in order to provide a high level of surface cleaning. For double-sided cleaning, two units may be used consecutively on the line.

“RoClean-C brush rollers are interchangeable, giving it the ability to use the most suitable bristle media to meet the needs of the application and the material, be it a delicate surface or a more demanding application. This makes the RoClean-C versatile to a number of installations and changing production lines.”

Meech’s long-standing range of Hyperion products will also be on display, including Hyperion static bars 924IPS, 960IPS and 971-30IPS, which are suited to short, medium and long range applications respectively. The 960IPS – Meech’s latest mid-range, Pulsed DC Ionising Bar – possesses extremely powerful ionisation of up to 15kV and provides 50% greater maximum working distance than the popular 929IPS ionising bar. Versatile and simple to install, the 960IPS has fully adjustable voltage, frequency and balance, making it ideal for use within a wide range of applications.

Simon adds: “The Hyperion 960IPS, while more advanced in its ionisation and working distance than its predecessor, retains all the key features that made the 929IPS such a success. Meech’s Ion Current Monitoring technology is incorporated, ensuring performance is maintained and that local and remote alerts signal when the bar needs to be cleaned.”

All of Meech’s Hyperion bars can be controlled via the Hyperion SmartControl Touch – an automation device that, via its integrated touch screen, gives operators access to static bar performance information on a fixed or remote device and enables them to adjust the operating settings to achieve maximum productivity and maximum quality of output.

“Whether it’s helping to ensure consistent product quality or tackle issues related to contamination and machinery problems, the Meech stand will host an array of solutions designed to optimise production flow for converters,” concludes Simon.

“We’re looking forward to seeing our customers and partners at ICE Europe and encourage all visitors to learn about how our technologies have helped to transform the production of countless converters across the globe.”

Additional information:

The following products are being displayed by Meech at its stand at ICE Europe 2023:

Web Cleaners

  • CyClean
  • CyClean-R
  • RoClean-C
  • VacClean
  • AHU Compact

Static Control

  • SmartControl Touch
  • 971-30IPS
  • Feedback Sensor
  • 960IPS
  • 924IPS
  • SmartControl Extension Box
  • IonCharge 30
  • IonCharge 50
  • 993R