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Meech releases white paper focusing on the Importance of contaminant-free EV battery cell manufacturing

Release date: 27.06.2022 | images: 0

Meech International has released a white paper focusing on the crucial role static control and web cleaning plays within the battery manufacturing process. As global demand for Electric Vehicles (EVs) continues its steep upward trajectory, more and more attention is turning towards the challenges of expanding regional EV battery supply in order to meet future […]

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Meech International announces launch of TakClean Ultra™: a new tacky roller cleaning system for medium and wide web applications

Release date: 10.02.2022 | images: 1

The TakClean Ultra™ is an advancement of Meech’s original and hugely successful TakClean™ system. With its compact, robust and visually appealing design, TakClean Ultra has been manufactured specifically for webs between 650 and 1,450mm in width. The TakClean Ultra offers double-sided and single-sided web cleaning via Meech’s specially formulated ‘TransTak’ technology. Elastomer contact cleaning rollers […]

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Meech International announces launch of CyClean-R: a new non-contact web cleaner for webs running in low tension

Release date: 08.10.2020 | images: 1

An extension to Meech’s extremely popular non-contact CyClean range, CyClean-R incorporates advanced computational fluid dynamics that allow converters to thoroughly clean low-tension webs. Ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, including narrow, mid and wide web, CyClean-R is available as a single-sided and double-sided web cleaner. From its position on the web roller, […]