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Miraclon is a new company building on a sector-leading legacy to fully focus on bringing KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions to life. KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions have helped transform flexographic printing over the last decade. Now brought to life by Miraclon, KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions – including the industry-leading FLEXCEL NX System – give customers higher quality, improved cost efficiency, better productivity and best-in-class results. With a focus on pioneering image science, innovation, and collaboration with industry partners and customers, Miraclon is committed to the future of flexo and is positioned to lead the charge. Find out more at

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Siflex Packaging saves up to 23% on white inks with KODAK FLEXCEL NX System from Miraclon

Release date: 18.01.2022 | images: 3

Since setting up business in 2014, Siflex Packaging has focused on developing and improving processes related to the production of flexible packaging in Chile. To this end, it has 52 experienced employees working in a 5,000 m² facility located in the northern part of the capital, Santiago, and has invested heavily in machinery, processes and […]

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Miraclon announces global price increase and surcharges; takes necessary actions to secure continuity of supply for customers

Release date: 06.01.2022 | images: 1

Taking the first price action since the launch of the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System in 2008, Miraclon has announced a price increase of 6% on all products, effective from February 7th, 2022, and the introduction of temporary freight surcharges. Placing the highest priority on maintaining uninterrupted supply of flexographic plate material to customers, and faced […]

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500-Plus Conversions to Flexo ECG with KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plates Win Lorytex the First-Ever Platinum Flexo Innovation Award

Release date: 09.12.2021 | images: 3

In 2019 Montevideo-based Lorytex won a Gold Award at the inaugural Global Flexo Innovation Awards, sponsored by Miraclon. At the time, Roberto Dolinsky, managing director of the Montevideo-based flexo prepress tradeshop, voiced his hopes for the extended color gamut (ECG) technology for which Lorytex is an enthusiastic advocate. “I really believe ECG will change how […]

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Flexolution expands into the wide-web flexibles market with investment in second KODAK FLEXCEL NX System from Miraclon

Release date: 14.10.2021 | images: 2

Italian prepress service provider, Flexolution, recently installed a second KODAK Flexcel NX Wide imaging system from Miraclon to keep up with production and demand as the company expands its services to include wide-web printing. Producing stable, high-performance plates, the system will continue to benefit customers by enabling faster start-ups and delivering high print densities that […]

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Flexográfico chooses KODAK FLEXCEL NX Wide 5080 System from Miraclon to continue its foothold in the premium packaging sector

Release date: 29.09.2021 | images: 2

Flexográfico, a cutting-edge prepress provider in the Spanish flexo market, has incorporated a KODAK FLEXCEL NX Wide 5080 System from Miraclon to gain a foothold in the premium packaging sector. This new acquisition is in line with its ambitions to become a market leader by adopting innovative working methods, investing in new, more modern and […]

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Neuefeind unlocks the full potential of the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System from Miraclon to the benefit of packaging printers

Release date: 09.09.2021 | images: 3

Neuefeind GmbH of Ochtendung, Germany, is a provider of technology services encompassing all aspects of the flexographic packaging process, far in excess merely of prepress and platemaking. The family-run firm employs 20 specialists, and in terms of turnover its business divides into roughly 60% direct printing on corrugated board, 20% preprint corrugated and 20% flexible […]

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Mavigrafica guarantees excellent results in flexographic printing with KODAK FLEXCEL NX Solutions from Miraclon

Release date: 23.08.2021 | images: 3

With facilities near Salerno and Milan in Italy, Mavigrafica has become known for its innovative solutions as a prepress service provider to the Italian flexo printing sector since it was founded in 1997. In 2008, Mavigrafica identified Kodak as the right technology partner to help it differentiate itself in the flexo plates sector and purchased the first KODAK FLEXCEL NX System in Italy. Today it boasts one Kodak ThermoFlex Wide and three FLEXCEL NX Wide 5080 Systems.