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Miraclon is a new company building on a sector-leading legacy to fully focus on bringing KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions to life. KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions have helped transform flexographic printing over the last decade. Now brought to life by Miraclon, KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions – including the industry-leading FLEXCEL NX System – give customers higher quality, improved cost efficiency, better productivity and best-in-class results. With a focus on pioneering image science, innovation, and collaboration with industry partners and customers, Miraclon is committed to the future of flexo and is positioned to lead the charge. Find out more at

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U. Günther GmbH sets ‘gold standard’ for sustainable flexo printing with KODAK FLEXCEL NX Technology from Miraclon and proprietary screening process

Release date: 23.11.2022 | images: 3

Peter Tarnowski, Managing Director of U. Günther GmbH of Hamburg, Germany, is excited about his company’s recent Gold Award success in the Miraclon-sponsored Global Flexo Innovation Awards: “We wanted to see how something our customers love competes in the international arena,” said Tarnowski when asked what motivated him to enter.

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Litoplas’s Award-winning ECG implementations “made possible by FLEXCEL NX Technology”

Release date: 10.11.2022 | images: 4

Partnership concept gets pushed to new levels, “highlighting possibilities of close collaboration between converters and brands”

Partnerships between converters and brands matter in today’s fast-changing, dynamic packaging industry. Many businesses make such collaborations a big part of their strategy, but few have taken the partnership concept to the level found at Colombian flexible packaging converter Litoplas.

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Miraclon appoints David Parker as Sales Manager for UK and Ireland

Release date: 01.11.2022 | images: 1

Miraclon has announced the appointment of David Parker as its new Sales Manager for UK and Ireland. In this role, David will support customers and prospects to maximize their investments in KODAK FLEXCEL NX Solutions and help them achieve the productivity and efficiency gains the technology offers to ultimately improve their bottom line. 

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Miraclon announces global price increase on all consumables

Release date: 31.10.2022 | images: 0

Miraclon has announced a global price increase of 5% on all consumables, effective November 1st, 2022. The unprecedented inflation of the costs of raw material, utilities and labor, finance charges and business services felt by the industry globally have necessitated the increase to alleviate these rapidly increasing costs also experienced by Miraclon.

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Numex Blocks takes the ‘direct-to-tube’ route to awards success

Release date: 21.10.2022 | images: 4

Gravure-to-flexo conversion “enabled by the productivity and quality offered by KODAK FLEXCEL NX Technology”

When asked what sets Numex Blocks apart from the competition, owner Nitin Patil replies: “We treat every job that comes in as if it’s the first job for that customer. They all deserve the same time and attention.”

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FPM Projekt completes Miraclon Certification Program, underscoring its commitment to delivering high quality service & products

Release date: 17.10.2022 | images: 1

Polish repro house, FPM Projekt sp. z o.o, has successfully completed the Miraclon Certification Program for FLEXCEL NX Plates, underscoring the company’s commitment to implementing stringent measures and procedures to ensure its customers enjoy consistent high-quality platemaking, technical consulting, and other prepress services.

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Tomasz Kropinski joins Miraclon as new Sales Manager for Poland

Release date: 12.10.2022 | images: 1

Miraclon is delighted to announce the appointment of Tomasz Kropinski as its new Sales Manager for Poland. The role includes supporting and enabling customers to maximize their productivity and cost savings, and aiding prospective customers to achieve business growth with new investments in KODAK FLEXCEL NX Technology from Miraclon.

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Global Flexo Innovation Awards Winners Tadam and Sada takes silver for benefits achieved with KODAK FLEXCEL NX Technology in litho to flexo conversion

Release date: 06.10.2022 | images: 4

“High print quality has been a given in flexible packaging for years, but that hasn’t been the case in corrugated, where product protection has mattered more than brand promotion. But now, more and more brands are demanding complex, multi-color graphics, whatever the substrate — which is good news for flexo post-print, not so much for litho preprint.”