Meech to showcase new Hyperion 650QAC ionising bar, and other cutting-edge solutions for the narrow web, labels, and packaging industries at Labelexpo Europe 2023

Meech International will be presenting its range of solutions at Labelexpo 2023 (stand 6C34).

Meech International will be presenting its range of solutions at Labelexpo 2023 (stand 6C34).

Meech International, a leading provider of innovative solutions for static control and web cleaning, is excited to announce its participation in Labelexpo 2023, the premier event for the label production industry. As experts in the field, Meech will present an impressive array of technological advancements at their stand (#6C34), demonstrating their commitment to preventing problems and improving productivity within the narrow web, labels, and packaging sectors.

Meech will be exhibiting, for the first time, the Hyperion 650QAC. The 650QAC is a high accuracy ionising bar designed for ESD sensitive applications where static charges need to be controlled at very low levels. The titanium emitter pins are driven by a Quasi AC (QAC) high voltage waveform that generates positive and negative ions from each pin. This is vital for the delivery of rapid charge decay with near-zero residual voltage on the object being neutralised, which reduces the risk electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Intended for use at operating distances between 50 and 400mm and including a built-in keypad for setting different configurations, the 650QAC is ideal for applications where ESD may damage electrical components.  This includes RFID tag manufacturing where static charges are generated during the unwinding, printing, drying and rewinding processes and stored in the metallic antennae. The population of the chip onto the antennae can then result in the stored static charges discharging to the chip, causing immediate and ‘catastrophic failure’ or ‘latent defects’.

650QAC bars installed on the unwind, after nip drives and any point where friction or heat is applied throughout the process will control the static charges on the substrate, ensuring voltage levels are within acceptable levels. For more information on this and other applications please visit the Meech stand.

A range of other Meech solutions for label and packaging printers will also be on display during the show. These will include:

TakClean: The ultimate contact cleaner, TakClean ensures superior cleaning capabilities, tackling contamination and maintaining consistent product quality.

CyClean: This non-contact web cleaner is a proven solution for effective cleaning of high-tension webs. With its compact design, CyClean is suitable for narrow webs of up to 700mm, making it versatile for a range of applications.

CyClean-R: An enhanced version of Meech’s original CyClean, CyClean-R is a single or double-sided non-contact web cleaner that employs positive and negative airflows. It efficiently cleans low-tension webs, particularly wider webs, while minimising air consumption. The inclusion of Meech’s 924IPS bars completes this innovative system.

VacClean: Demonstrating exceptional non-contact cleaning capabilities, VacClean excels in removing contamination from webs without any physical contact, ensuring optimal production flow and maintaining product quality.

SmartControl Touch LAN: Meech’s cutting-edge automation device, SmartControl Touch LAN, offers operators unparalleled control over static bar performance. With access to real-time information and the ability to adjust operating settings remotely, this innovative solution maximises productivity and ensures top-quality output.

A924IPS, A960IPS, and A971IPS: Meech’s long-standing range of Hyperion static bars, designed for short, medium, and long-range applications, respectively. These bars can be seamlessly integrated into production lines and controlled via the SmartControl system, allowing operators to optimise performance and achieve exceptional results.

IML System (IC30 + Hydras): Meech’s In-Mold labelling system, consisting of the IC30 static generator and the Hydras pinning head, offers efficient temporary bonding of materials, ensuring smooth and precise label application.

These state-of-the-art systems address contamination and machinery issues, ensuring optimised production flow. Experts with product knowledge will be on the stand to provide you with key details and figures.

Ian Atkinson at Meech International, comments: “Labelexpo is a major highlight for Meech, as it offers the ideal platform to showcase how our products are revolutionising label production. We are delighted to showcase an exciting lineup of products this year. These cutting-edge solutions deliver exceptional performance, reliable connectivity, and ease of use.

Visit Meech at stand #6C34 during Labelexpo 2023 to learn more about their latest breakthroughs in static control and web cleaning solutions. Engage with Meech’s knowledgeable team, who will be available to answer questions and provide detailed insights into how their products can significantly benefit the industry.

To find out more visit: https://meech.com/products/static-control/hyperion-range/