Natural foods and supplements company Vom Achterhof successfully converts to Sonoco’s paper-based packaging with cork lids

The company said the environmentally friendly packaging solution fits well with its brand DNA.

The company said the environmentally friendly packaging solution fits well with its brand DNA.

Hockenheim, Germany – German health food and wellbeing store Vom Achterhof has successfully converted the packaging for some of its product lines to sustainable solutions, manufactured by Sonoco.

The company decided to switch to Sonoco’s paper-based packaging with cork lids, highlighting that sustainability is one of the key drivers for its future.

Vom Achterhof chose Sonoco’s packaging because of its contemporary design, exceptional shelf appeal and capability to maintain the freshness of the products – all while remaining environmentally friendly. The new packaging also enables the company to offer new product sizes and prices to its customers.

Laif Pigorsch, Brand Manager at Vitafy Brands & Vom Achterhof, explains: “We recognise that our customers expect us to make sustainable choices and operate in a more environmentally friendly manner. This goes all the way across the value chain – from product to packaging.”

“Nature is a part of our brand DNA. Sonoco’s packaging enables us to keep our distinctive brand while continuing to offer sustainable product lines.”

Pigorsch says he expects the brand’s customers to notice the new packaging – and the change will most likely generate a positive response.

Commenting on Vom Achterhof’s partnership with Sonoco, Pigorsch says: “Sonoco has been excellent at driving forward our packaging optimisation process. The company is reliable, efficient and an expert in the field.”

Sascha Di Nardi, Sales Manager at Sonoco; “We are delighted to partner with Vom Achterhof to offer the unique packaging that meets their sustainability needs and fits their brand ID.”

Vom Achterhof was founded in 2012 in Northern Germany. The company, which has around 200 team members, manufactures a wide variety of natural health and wellbeing products and supplements. Currently, the company distributes up to 1,500 packages to its customers each day.