Lean back and read…

Author: Kerry Rice

I’m one of those people who reads everything. When I first moved to the UK and started using public transport to commute to work in London, I was thrilled by the idea that I could read a book all the way to work. Even if the train was one of those dreadful sardine-tin numbers so common on the South West Trains line from Richmond to Waterloo, I’d settle for reading the panel advertisements in the train or casually reading a page of someone else’s book over their shoulder (yes, I’m one of those people I’m afraid). I’ll even read the back of a deodorant can if nothing else is to hand


Boost your ROI on exhibitions

Author: Helen Tolino

drupa 2012 is less than 50 days away, and over 1850 exhibitors are busy gearing up for one of the landmark events in the global printing calendar.


Feeding enQRing minds

Author: Shireen Shurmer

In my global odyssey in search of eye-catching uses of cross media, I recently washed up in AQWA, the Aquarium of Western Australia.


Brazil – a print opportunity waiting to happen

Author: Joanna Muggeridge

Some of you may know that I was fortunate enough to have my honeymoon in Brazil at the end of last year. Wow, what an amazing country it is… my visit there made me realise a) how I have been missing out on South America all this time and b) just how much more we are likely to see and hear about Brazil in the next couple of years, as it is hosting some of the sporting calendar’s biggest events – the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.


Trade shows: checking the checklist

Author: AD Communications

As a number of our account teams are in the midst of preparing for the upcoming trade exhibitions, I’m working through my own checklist to ensure nothing gets missed or overlooked while juggling these preparations with the rest of my everyday tasks. And, with the start of 2012 especially proving extra busy with a few key shows and other pre-exhibition events, including FESPA Digital, the drupa International Media Conference and drupa 2012 in the next few months to name just a few – having this checklist is proving more important than before.



The one word women want to hear

Author: Patrick Anderson

Much like Marmite, reality TV shows and Scientology, Valentine’s Day divides opinion. Well, for the consumer anyway. Many of us enjoy the day that allows us to be even more romantically and fiscally foolish than normal. But there are always the hardnosed sceptics who, like my perennially single friend Pierce, denounce it as ‘just another gross manifestation of capitalism’ and that there are ‘364 other days in a year to show that you love someone’. Strong words. But largely irrelevant; the GCA’s (The Greeting Card Association) market research showed in 2011 that ‘the average spend [per card] on Valentine’s Day was £2.17 – the highest of all the categories tracked’. Supply and demand is the perfect match.


Bacon sandwiches and days out as an AE

Author: AD Communications

As the famous British poet John Keats once said “Nothing ever becomes real ‘till it is experienced”, and it was in the last few days leading up to Christmas that I was fortunate enough to be invited to visit one of our clients, who had kindly offered to show me around and give me an insight into the real work that goes on in a busy print house.



The importance of trade shows

Author: AD Communications

With FESPA and DRUPA fast approaching, the print world is buzzing. Everyone is eager to see new innovations, learn about industry trends and build relationships. But with print still feeling the bite of the recession many marketing departments may also be looking to trim their budgets. However when looking at your marketing spend, it’s important to remember that although running an exhibit at a show can be a costly activity, it can also generate an excellent return on investment if handled correctly.


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