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AD Communications – we’re busy building business brands

Author: Paul Spiers

Today, we’re very pleased to be unveiling the next step in the ongoing evolution of AD Communications: our brand new website. The unveiling of the new site – still at – is the first in a series of initiatives we intend to roll out over the coming months, all focused on making the industries we serve more aware of the depth and range of services we offer and how we work with clients to help make their brands the best they can be.


The Great British Road Sign – 50 years and counting

Author: Patrick Anderson

Last month marked the 50th anniversary of the British road signage system. Unless you work in signage, visual communication or design – and/or happen to be a British road sign aficionado – you can be forgiven if this news passed you by.


A+A: Impressions of the Health & Safety Industry

Author: Joanna Muggeridge

Working at AD has become synonymous to me with visiting Düsseldorf every four years for a certain print show. But two weeks ago I was back at the Messe for a completely different type of event altogether: A+A, one of the largest Health & Safety exhibitions in Europe.


What business can learn from the Rugby World Cup final

Author: Paul Spiers

As a proud New Zealander, last weekend was one of the biggest in this year’s calendar: the final of the Rugby World Cup 2015 in the UK. The contest in the final was immense, as the two best sides in international rugby battled it out for 80 minutes for supremacy in the last game in what was, in my view, one of the best World Cups ever held.


3D Printing and Halloween

Author: Louise Lazell

Halloween excites me. Every year I look forward to carving a pumpkin and spending hours painstakingly attempting my best cat-pumpkin design. Unfortunately, they do not always have the realistic look I hope for. While there are some extremely talented artists who are able to carve 3D masterpieces by hand, alas I am not one of them.


Key observations from Luxury Packaging 2015 and Labelexpo Europe 2015

Author: Michael Grass

Being a self-professed exhibition junkie, I was lucky enough to attend not one but two shows in September – Luxury Packaging London 2015 and Labelexpo Europe 2015. Given the close connection between the packaging and label markets, I thought I’d share some views and impressions on the two shows.


‘A Human Touch’ to business communications

Author: Shireen Shurmer

At last week’s PRCA National Conference, reputation and trust were the watchwords for many of the day’s presentations. However for me, the golden thread was the reminder that when we communicate – regardless of the platform – we do so with human beings.


Time to switch off the electronics and pick up a book

Author: Lucy O’Dea

That’s three times in a week now that I’ve heard about the virtues of putting down phones and tablets in favour of picking up a book. The first was when I received the latest newsletter from the headmaster of my daughter’s new school. He has just introduced a dedicated 10 minute, school-wide silent reading initiative whereby all electronic devices are discarded in favour of the book. As he wrote in his weekly missive, “All electronic devices were put away, phones and photocopiers fell dead and almost seven hundred pairs of eyes began to concentrate on a text in front of them. It was genuinely magical.”


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