AD Communications announcement: Sonoco Industrial Products

Sonoco Industrial Products is a division of the wider global Sonoco brand.

The AD Communications team is delighted to announce that it now represents Sonoco Industrial Products* – a division of the wider global Sonoco brand.

If you are interested in receiving content contributions for feature articles, expert comment pieces, or if you would like to interview a Sonoco Industrial Products spokesperson on any related topic, please do contact us.

Some information on their key product lines follows:


With the recent EU EPS ban, Sonoco’s SonoPost is proving a hugely popular and sustainable solution to protect white goods in storage and in transit. It is available in a variety of lengths and is shaped into special-sized profiles to hug white goods’ corners and protect their edges. The solution also provides superior stacking strength, crush resistance and cushioning protection. With 100% recyclability, SonoPost is set to revolutionise the white goods packaging industry – as well as making it more sustainable.


For more than 100 years, Sonoco has collected waste paper and cardboard, reprocessed it into paperboard and converted it into useful products.

Sonoco Industrial Products helps its customers to: responsibly manage material removal; convert used materials into revenue streams; drive up profits and savings with comprehensive web-based reports; achieve corporate sustainability goals – and more.


Sonoco Industrial Products manufactures a wide range of textile cores that enable producers to maximise efficiency and increase productivity, all with flexible and fast turnaround times.

The company’s textile cores provide: optimised core strength to match manufacturing specifications; custom scoring, notches and grooves to enhance string-up efficiency; tailored surface finishes to match performance requirements.

Paper Mill Cores (PMC)

Sonoco Industrial Products manufactures printing- and writing-grade cores, which can be tailored for use in a range of applications. Its PMCs include: non-woven; pre-cut; newsprint; towel and tissue; and paperboard.

For more information please visit: https://www.sonoco.com/products/industrial-products

Or contact Rachelle Harry: rharry@adcomms.co.uk

*AD Communications also represents Sonoco Europe – Consumer Products division since 2021.