Celebrate Digital Printing GmbH invests in yet another Jet Press

Major German print company makes its fifth Jet Press investment in seven years

With a significant presence in the European print market, Celebrate Digital Printing GmbH is looking to continue its remarkable rate of growth after investing in Fujifilm’s Jet Press 750S. Celebrate Digital Printing, formerly Straub Druck & Medien, has previously invested in four Jet Press presses; two each of the 720S and 750S models. With the new machine on board, Celebrate will be running three Jet Press 750S models simultaneously, and is looking forward to sustaining its growth.

“We know all about the Jet Press,” says Francisco Martinez, Managing Director at Celebrate Digital Printing GmbH. “I have enjoyed many successful years using the Jet Press 720S and the Jet Press 750S. We still have two of the 750S presses at our facility – they are very important printers to our business, so it was an easy decision to invest again and have this new press run alongside the other two.

“We are always looking to the future. The print landscape is ever-changing and we know that versatile equipment can help us along the journey. With the Jet Press 750S, whether we’re printing on coated or uncoated paper, our production capacity to produce the exceptional high-quality, fast turnaround print we’re known for, is now greater than ever.”

Taro Aoki, head of digital press solutions at Fujifilm Graphic Systems Europe says: “For Celebrate Digital Printing, one of the biggest print companies in Europe, the Jet Press has been a cornerstone of their success. We’re delighted that they have invested again in yet another machine and are delighted to continue working with them.”