Fujifilm expands range of toner press solutions with launch of two new mid-range models

The Revoria EC1100 and SC170/180 are available in Europe immediately and will be showcased at events in the UK and Spain in September 2023

The Revoria EC1100 and SC170/180 are available in Europe immediately and will be showcased at events in the UK and Spain in September 2023

Fujifilm’s roll-out of toner press solutions across Europe has entered yet another new phase, with the launch of two new mid-range models – the Revoria Press EC1100 and the Revoria SC170/180. Sitting between the flagship Revoria Press PC1120 and the entry-level ApeosPro C in terms of price and performance, these innovative presses underline Fujifilm’s dedication to providing tailored solutions, not only to commercial print businesses but also to in-house print operations, CRDs, and smaller digital-only printshops.

The new presses will be installed at the Fujifilm Print Experience Centre, Ratingen, Germany and in demo centres in other European countries, including Spain and the UK. The presses will also be on display in September at The Print Show (UK), C!Print (Spain) and Sign&Print (Sweden).

The Revoria Press EC1100 is a versatile production printer capable of high-resolution printing at faster production speeds. It is able to support a wide range of applications thanks to its creative finishing capabilities and versatile media handling, including long and heavyweight paper up to 400g.

The press achieves impressive levels of productivity, printing at up to 100ppm on both coated and uncoated paper.

Highly versatile, it can handle everything from thin folded flyers to thick business cards, as well as accommodating heavier weight, longer papers (350g up to 660mm, 300g up to 864mm). The efficient media handling and versatility mean a wide range of customer needs can be met, including high speed envelope printing, without the need for an additional fuser.

Along with the versatility comes Fujifilm’s trademark quality, with 10-bit processing resulting in up to 1024 halftones (instead of the 256 achievable with an 8-bit system) meaning extra control and higher quality reproduction can be achieved. In addition, graduation correction is used on images and vector graphics, faithfully reproducing fine tints, gradations of colour and subtle blends between colours. This is especially valuable when printing colour gradients, skin tones and shadows. Furthermore, a VCSEL-ROS laser provides 2400 dpi print resolution, while the energy-efficient EA-Eco Toner (Emulsion Aggregation Eco Toner) achieves superb results on either coated or uncoated paper to deliver high quality print comparable to offset printing.

The Revoria Press SC170/180 is a more compact, but still highly productive press, capable of high-resolution printing. With its versatile media handling, including long and heavyweight paper, and a wide range of finishing, it is a perfect, compact printer for a wide range of applications.

Delivering impressive speeds of up to 80ppm, this advanced press excels in producing outstanding results on various paper types and weights. Its exceptional versatility matches that of the Revoria EC1100, ensuring high quality outcomes across different media. The printer supports a wide range of paper sizes, from 148 x 98 mm (smaller than a postcard) up to 1200 x 330mm banner paper. The Multi Sheet Inserter for banner printing can print single-sided long paper from 660 x 330mm up to 1200 x 330mm, depending on the configuration, and duplex long paper up to 864 x 330 mm, opening up new application and business opportunities.

Taro Aoki, Head of Digital Press Solutions, Fujifilm Europe comments: “Fujifilm has a 60-year heritage in developing toner technologies, so though we may appear to be a new player in the market from a European perspective – we have a huge amount of technological expertise to draw upon. This has allowed us to develop our market offering rapidly, and with these two new presses, we are now able to offer a full range of toner press solutions to suit all production and investment level requirements. Combined with our Jet Press 750S B2 inkjet solution, and our range of retrofittable inkjet imprinting bars, we can now offer everything from entry level production equipment to the highest levels of quality and productivity available on the market.”

Find out more about the Revoria Press EC1100 here: https://print-emea.fujifilm.com/product/revoria-press-ec1100/

Find out more about the Revoria Press SC170/80 here: https://print-emea.fujifilm.com/product/revoria-press-sc170-80/