Sun Chemical and Qualvis win Printweek 2024 Packaging Innovation award

SOUTH NORMANTON, UK – 21st March 2024 – Sun Chemical has won the PrintWeek 2024 Packaging Innovation Award, in collaboration with leading packaging solutions provider, Qualvis.

SOUTH NORMANTON, UK – 21st March 2024 – Sun Chemical has won the PrintWeek 2024 Packaging Innovation Award, in collaboration with leading packaging solutions provider, Qualvis. The win was announced at the PrintWeek Awards 2024. The award-winning project focused on redesigning packaging for Qualvis customer, Whitakers’ core 150g chocolate lines, eliminating non-recyclable elements while ensuring product integrity and shelf-life preservation.

The concept enabled Whitakers to transform an existing truffle carton that featured 55 percent plastic into a highly recyclable lightweight fibre-based solution without plastic layer of the same dimensions. The package uses Sun Chemical’s SunPak® DirectFood Plus highly bio-renewable direct-food contact inks and SunSpec™ SunStar direct-food contact aqueous varnish on the inside of the carton.

SunPak® FSP EcoPace low migration inks and SunCoat aqueous varnish were employed on the front of the carton, also contributing to the reduced carbon footprint achievement due to a very high bio-renewable content made possible by employing a new fossil fuel-free carbon black derived process ink. All inks are also cradle-to-cradle certified.

The project’s success lies in its multifaceted approach:

  1. Removal of Plastic: Through meticulous redesign and collaboration between Qualvis and Sun Chemical, the packaging underwent a comprehensive reengineering process. The use of Sun Chemical’s inks and varnishes resulted in the elimination of non-recyclable elements, specifically the outer shrink film and inner greaseproof cushion pad, which could be replaced with a fibre-based holding structure, while ensuring both a direct food contact safe environment for the truffles complimented by functional resistance and barrier properties to maintain the protection and integrity of the carton structure and its contents. This, in combination with the highly bio-renewable properties of the inks drastically decreases the overall carbon footprint of the product.


  1. Certification Standards: Leveraging Qualvis’ World Land Trust scheme and adhering to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification standards, the collaborative effort ensured that the packaging exceeded environmental benchmarks. By offsetting carbon emissions through the World Land Trust scheme and sourcing materials responsibly with FSC certification, the resulting packaging achieved a net-zero carbon footprint. This landmark achievement not only underscores the commitment of Qualvis and Sun Chemical to environmental stewardship, but also resonates with Whitakers’ dedication to sustainability.

Rick Hulme, Business Director Packaging and Publications, Sun Chemical comments, “We are delighted to have won the prestigious PrintWeek 2024 Packaging Innovation Award. This achievement recognises our collaborative commitment to sustainability and customers, in line with all three company’s values. The development of SunPak DirectFood Plus inks and coatings marks a significant advancement in food packaging safety and sustainability. We’re proud to be driving positive change within the industry with Qualvis.”

Richard Pacey, Sales Director, Qualvis added: “Our collaboration with Sun Chemical represents a significant milestone in sustainable packaging innovation and this win recognises that. By leveraging DFC inks and optimising packaging design, we’ve not only reduced environmental impact but also enhanced brand value for Whitakers.”

This award-winning project sets a new standard for environmentally conscious packaging design, offering a blueprint for future initiatives across the industry.