Year: 2015


Time to switch off the electronics and pick up a book

Author: Lucy O’Dea

That’s three times in a week now that I’ve heard about the virtues of putting down phones and tablets in favour of picking up a book. The first was when I received the latest newsletter from the headmaster of my daughter’s new school. He has just introduced a dedicated 10 minute, school-wide silent reading initiative whereby all electronic devices are discarded in favour of the book. As he wrote in his weekly missive, “All electronic devices were put away, phones and photocopiers fell dead and almost seven hundred pairs of eyes began to concentrate on a text in front of them. It was genuinely magical.”


The important role packaging plays in the consumer journey

I must admit, over the past 18 months I’ve become rather giddy over packaging. Friends have started to look at me oddly when I tell them about the latest bubble wrap innovation (strong enough to be run over with a lorry and not pop!), or void fill solution (the bits that keep your latest eBay splurge secure in the box).


Effective use of QR codes when travelling

I have recently returned from a two month adventure in the US, whereby I travelled through a total of 20 states, many of which I had never been to. As you can imagine, I relied heavily on any information that was available to help me find my bearings and ensure I maximised my time in each place.


5 eye-catching packaging designs

You know a package is doing a good job when it manages to engage you in such a way that you’re inspired to buy the product. Take our Ellie for example, who recently purchased a Zewa box of tissues. She bought them not due to the brand’s credentials in the paper handkerchief sector, but because the box could be folded into the amusing shape of a pig. (That’s one for the consumer behaviour studies, right there). 


What is Apple Pay?

As of last week, Apple Pay – the Californian tech giant’s entry into the world of contactless payment – is now active in the UK for RBS, Natwest, Santander and Nationwide account holders, with many more banks joining soon.


Lessons in Mediaeval Stakeholder Communications

May 1215

The communications consultants tell me that the issues with my leadership style are reaching crisis point. ‘Overly autocratic’ is the expression they keep using. They’re concerned about my ‘credibility with some of our key stakeholders’; apparently they’re looking for more transparency on the financials, they’re not entirely bought into the strategic direction, and they’re moaning that I’m making arbitrary decisions.


Forget print vs digital – I want engagement!

I don’t understand the time-worn squabbles between advocates of digital communication and champions of print – especially when each side can be overly defensive about its preferred medium.


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