Floricolor marks Revoria investment with successful open house event

Fujifilm’s new Revoria Press PC1120 and the Jet Press 750S took centre stage at Floricolor’s facility in Perafita, Portugal.

One of the leading producers of professional photography albums in the world, Floricolor celebrated its investment in Fujifilm’s Revoria Press PC1120 with an open house event in mid-March. Inviting several Portuguese customers, Floricolor and Fujifilm demonstrated the full potential of the new Revoria press – and the Jet Press 750S, which Floricolor already owns – with printed samples and video demonstrations of the printers in action.

Floricolor was one of Europe’s earliest adopters of the Jet Press 750S, when it invested in the B2 inkjet press in late 2018. Speaking at the event, Tiago Yu, CEO of Floricolor said: “We’ve been working with Fujifilm for over 40 years now and there’s no company we’d rather be partnering with on this next stage of our journey. They have helped us to sustain and improve our sustainability credentials, while enabling us to deliver high quality print for our photographic products”.

“The investment in the Jet Press 750S has allowed us to produce products of the highest quality at high speeds – it’s a crucial part of our business.”

Tiago believes his company’s investment in the new Revoria PC1120 toner press will help Floricolor in a variety of ways: “When we became aware of the PC1120, we had to take a closer look. We were immediately impressed with the versatility and sustainability aspects. Revoria will help us to continue the process of becoming an increasingly more eco-friendly business, allowing us to offer new products with an added value to the market, while opening up a range of new products that our competitors cannot make.

“We are in the process of launching a new brand and the special toners that the Revoria Press uses will be essential to this new venture.”

Tiago was happy with the open house and has high hopes for the future. “We had an excellent turnout to the event and the interest in the Jet Press and Revoria was high. The samples we produced for our customers were closely analysed and they made a great impression on the attendees”.

“We certainly see both pieces of kit working well together. The speed and quality of the Jet Press combined with the special colour range from the Revoria PC1120 allows us to produce products that complement and enrich our product portfolio”.

Filipe Marques, Country Manager & Graphic Communication Manager at FUJIFILM Graphic Communications, says: “Floricolor’s event was a great success and it’s easy to see why. They have an excellent customer base all over the world, due to their outstanding customer service and high quality product ranges. We’re delighted with their response to the Jet Press 750S and the Revoria PC1120, and we’re looking forward to seeing what other applications they can develop with them”.