Fujifilm announces new Acuity Prime flatbed printer

This new flatbed is part of Fujifilm’s strategy to create ‘the new blueprint’ for wide format by resetting expectations relating to price/performance, versatility, value and ease-of-use

Fujifilm’s stylishly designed new Acuity Prime flatbed prints at exceptionally high quality to a range of rigid and flexible media.

Optimising price/performance was at the heart of the design of the Acuity Prime. For example, it features a high quality LED curing system which is air-cooled, meaning there is no requirement for an expensive water-cooling system. And the Prime is so power efficient that it only requires a single-phase 25-amp supply, helping to keep running costs to a minimum.

A new ink system – Uvijet HM – has been formulated to provide excellent adhesion to a broad range of substrates while also producing a wide colour gamut. The new ink range is optimised to produce high quality, vibrant images day in day out.

A new jetting primer meanwhile, improves adhesion still further for particularly challenging substrates. This removes the need for offline pre-treatment of substrates before printing, saving time and money. The machine also features a printable area of 2.54m x 1.27m and can accommodate media up to a thickness of 51mm.

Available in CMYK formats with white, with additional clear and jetting primer, the Acuity Prime with Uvijet HM offers the ultimate versatility and value by providing the flexibility for print businesses to customise it to their own needs.

Careful consideration has also been given to operational ease-of-use. Multiple practical benefits for both operators and service engineers have been built into the design, making the day-to-day operation of the printer as straightforward as possible.

One such feature is the media loading pins, which can be operated with the touch of a button, allowing for pinpoint media placement precision and exceptionally accurate print registration from job-to-job.

The five-part media zone system, based on common media sizes, vastly reduces the amount of masking required. This means job set-up times can be sped up considerably.

The machine’s splash-free ink pouch system is designed for easy pouch changeover and incorporates an LED light system to quickly and effectively alert the operator to low ink levels.

Alongside all the new technical features, the Prime also includes practical benefits, such as an integrated shelf for operator tools, which allows them to be kept close to hand but safely away from moving parts of the machine. There is also a handy cabinet built into the space underneath the front of the machine for convenient storage of PPE, personal items or first aid kits, helping to keep the area around the machine clear.

The software and user interface have also been carefully considered with the software completely redesigned to give all the tools required in the most straightforward way possible.

Anda Baboi, Marketing Manager, Fujifilm WFIJ says: “The Acuity Prime represents both a ‘next step’ and a new start for Fujifilm. It’s built on our knowledge and expertise, but at the same time it’s something fundamentally new – “the new blueprint for wide format”. The thing that really sets it apart from anything we have brought to market before is the extent of the creative freedom we have had over every aspect of its design and development. Having this level of control has given us the opportunity to address a huge number of practical and technical issues, ensuring that the end product offers unbeatable standards of performance; exceptional value, versatility and ease-of-use, and the best ROI available on the market.”