GMG ColorServer 5.4: The new version delivers unprecedented efficiency – especially in digital packaging printing

Tuebingen, Germany (April 18th, 2023) – GMG has released GMG ColorServer 5.4, a powerful update that particularly excels in digital printing.

Tuebingen, Germany (April 18th, 2023) – GMG has released GMG ColorServer 5.4, a powerful update that particularly excels in digital printing. Productivity takes top priority in this release of the well-known color management solution. As a matter of course, there is no room for any compromises, as quality is a given at GMG.

Jens Bloeck, Product Manager at GMG, understands the high expectations of GMG users. He emphasizes: “We are constantly in close communication with our users. Therefore, we know that efficiency and productivity are more important than ever. With GMG ColorServer 5.4, our customers can sustainably optimize their processes. We have integrated a range of new features that all contribute to increase profitability.”

The latest version of GMG ColorServer offers innovative features to increase productivity and streamline workflows. Improved channel mapping rules now support wildcards for spot colors, automatically processing unidentified channels according to preset criteria, reducing time-consuming manual intervention.

GMG ColorServer provides the flexibility required for modern workflows, allowing for easy adjustment of job priorities, for example, due to a change in production planning. This further streamlines the production process.

Significant improvements to the GMG SmartProfiler module also lead to increased efficiency and higher quality. With the new automatic smoothing of measurement data, inconsistencies in measurement data are corrected, resulting in better profiles and higher print quality. In addition, the optimized total area coverage (TAC) provides better color matching. For precise processing of PDF files with transparencies or overprinting objects, GMG SmartProfiler now offers a flattening option for hot folder creation, eliminating the need for additional manual intervention.

The ‘auto rasterize’ feature also helps to avoid manual intervention. If a user-defined time window is exceeded during the processing of flattening jobs, the software automatically adjusts the flattening setting, allowing for faster processing of files and improving the overall system performance.

Companies using a HP Indigo press can avoid unnecessary click costs with the help of GMG ColorServer, as unused channels are simply removed. An interesting side effect is that the Indigo’s printing speed is significantly increased.

GMG Product Manager Jens Bloeck concludes with another point: “With GMG ColorServer 5.4, we are introducing in-software update notifications. Users no longer need to actively search for new releases.”

GMG ColorServer 5.4 is now available.

For more information, visit gmgcolor.com/products/colorserver.